The Used Starlink Market: All You Need to Know

Starlink has been making headlines since its launch in late 2020 because of its high speeds. Second, because of its availability in remote areas. Third, because of its innovation, among many other reasons.  Some Starlink customers have, however, found reason to transfer ownership of their Starlink service, and as a result, The used Starlink market is now created. If you want to buy a used Starlink kit or sell yours, read on to know more about it.

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New Starlink kits cost about $599, so a used one shouldn’t be too expensive. In rare cases, used Starlink kits have sold for as much as $1500 on sites like eBay. Moreover, a Starlink shouldn’t cost more than $400-$500.

eBay homepage Stock Image

eBay homepage Stock Image

Yes, it is possible to sell your used Starlink equipment to someone who has availability at their service address. 

Here’s how to sell as well as transfer Starlink. 

1. Check Your Account Status

Ensure your account is updated and debt free before transferring it to another person. There shouldn’t be any unpaid balance.

Business Debt Collection or Recovery

Business Debt Collection or Recovery

2. Get the Buyer’s Information

The buyer’s service address, where they anticipate setting up Starlink, and the email address they will use to set up a Starlink account, should form part of your research.

Detail of the Starlink app

Detail of the Starlink app

3. Create a Ticket

Get a ticket with the Starlink app or the support page of the official website. Inform Starlink of your intent to transfer your subscription and pass on the address and email of the buyer. Starlink will then confirm the availability of the buyer’s address too. Besides, they can’t transfer to your account if the new location is not yet under coverage.

4. Fill Out the Transfer Paperwork.

Starlink will send them a transfer form for the buyer to complete. They must fill out this form with the seller’s Starlink account information, including payment information. After submission and approval of the transfer form, Starlink will cancel your subscription on its expiry.

5. Close the Sale

Only meet up with the buyer for payment and exchange of used Starlink equipment after they have received the confirmation message. 

Yes, you can buy a second-hand Starlink dish. However, you can only buy one if your location is available, and the seller’s Starlink account can get transferred to you. If the seller doesn’t make the transfer, you won’t be eligible for the service.

Here are a few tips to guide you when buying used Starlink equipment. 

  1. Verify Address Availability

Your address must be eligible to purchase a used Starlink and get service. Additionally, you can visit the Starlink website and type your address in the search box. 

The mail icon opened the envelope

The mail icon opened the envelope.

2. Forward Your Information

Contact the seller and provide them with your service address (the area you plan to use Starlink) and your email address (which will be linked to your Starlink account). First, your email cannot already be active for a Starlink pre-order account. Lastly, you’ll have to cancel the service or give a different email if you’re on a waitlist. 

3. Submit the Ticket

The seller submits a Starlink support ticket with a service transfer request. What’s more, starlink will double-check the availability of your address for service. 

4. Fill Out the Form

You will receive an email from Starlink containing a form to fill out. Contact the seller for their Starlink account number, complete the form, send it to Starlink, and await your confirmation email. 

Getting confirmation message on cellphone 

Getting confirmation message on cellphone 

5. Finalize the Sale

After the service transfer is confirmed, you can proceed to meet the seller and exchange money for the used Starlink kit.

What if I Want to Cancel the Transfer?

You can cancel the transfer if the deal doesn’t go through. And then, reach out to Starlink support and inform them that the sale won’t go through and that you want to reverse the transfer procedure.

At the moment, it’s not possible to transfer Starlink RV. It is unclear if Starlink will allow RV units to get transferred to other owners in the future. 


Yes, you may cancel your Starlink internet account at any time. If you cancel the service and return, you’ll have to join the waitlist depending on the demand for Starlink in your area.


If you do it right, buying a second-hand Starlink might be one of your best decisions. For more tips and information on Starlink, check out our blog.

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