Frontier Compatible Modem: All You Need To Know

Are you considering investing in a Frontier-compatible modem but don’t know where to start?

 You’re not alone, as modems and routers can be intimidating. 

This comprehensive guide will provide answers to all your burning questions. 

From finding the right model for your home or office setup to set it up correctly on Frontier, we’ll take you through everything you need! Ready? Let’s dig in!

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Why choose a Frontier-compatible modem?

If you want to take advantage of your Frontier internet speed, you’ll need a modem that is compatible with their network. 

Buying instead of renting gives users more control over the settings and can help them save money in the long run.

 Furthermore, if you invest in higher-end models, Frontier-compatible modems promise up to 30% faster internet speeds.

Wireless Router

Wireless Router

How to Install A Frontier-Compatible Modem/Router

Installing your Frontier-compatible modem/router is simple with these easy steps:

1- To fulfill your Frontier needs, you must get a modem/router approved by Frontier. You’ll also need an Ethernet cable and power adapter. 

2- Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your computer’s port to connect to the modem/router. Then, attach the other end to any available port on the modem or router. 

3- Ensure the modem’s power adapter is properly connected to the telephone outlet and its modem. 

4- You only need to plug in the power adapter to activate your modem.

5- Open your internet browser and navigate to the modem/router page. Then set a secure password for your device and customize it according to your preferences.

A man installing a WiFi modem

A man installing a WiFi modem

Top 6 Frontier Compatible Modems of 2023

Let’s dive in and start our review of 6 Frontier modems (and wireless gateways), beginning with the FiOS device!

FiOS Gateway G3100

Verizon FiOS G3100, the ultimate router, uses tri-band, MoCA compatibility, and Gigabit ports to enhance Frontier’s Gig-level fiber plan. 

WiFi AX technology takes it further by drastically increasing speeds by 300% compared to conventional wireless setups.


  1. The recently unveiled design is diminutive and domed in shape.
  2. Achieve extraordinary performance with an 11ax SoC, 1GB NAND storage, and 512MB RAM-configured hardware.
  3. LEDs featuring extensive Ethernet, MoCA WAN, and a variety of other applications offer unparalleled versatility.
  4. Enjoy a superior wireless range for seamless streaming throughout your space, with effortless switching of frequencies.
  5. My FiOS app lets you keep your home network running like clockwork – even when you’re far away.


  1. This router weighs 3.60 pounds, a heftier weight than other routers that many may get accustomed to.
  2. LED lights are far too intense and blinding, making them an unpleasant experience.

FiOS Gateway G1100

The G1100 Frontier modem is a great option for anyone seeking fast, reliable, and affordable fiber-optic internet. 

Featuring blazing speeds of up to 1Gbps – 300% faster than the average wireless setup. 

This powerhouse device offers 4 GigE LAN slots, a MoCA 2.0 interface, a WAN port, and two USB ports in one compact unit! 

Its 802.11ac standard can provide coverage for more than 2000 square feet effortlessly!


  1. WPA encryption provides superior security for your data.
  2. Seamless access and effortless installation through apps.
  3. Frontier FiOS internet offers an excellent modem for reliable, high-speed internet service.
  4. Enjoy gaming with drastically reduced latency and almost non-existent pings!
  5.  A user-friendly format that is easy to navigate and understand.


  1. Its construction is more robust, and with a weight of 3.06 pounds, it’s certainly not light in hand.
  2. The hardware is modest yet robust, with a 2-core chipset and 512MB of RAM.


The Arris NVG468MQ is a budget-friendly modem/router combo that works seamlessly with Frontier DSL and fiber internet plans.

 It boasts up to 1Gbps and even faster MoCA 2.0 speeds of 2Gbps. 

It has 4 GigE slots, an ONT port for standalone use, a phone port, and USB slot compatibility with 802.11ac on both bands.


  1. This design is sleek and breathable, meaning it dissipates heat rapidly.
  2. Outfitted with two-core chipsets and 256MB of RAM, it can guarantee your standard DSL connection a superior bandwidth.
  3. Frontier internet plans are incredibly compatible and easily pair with this versatile device.


  1. Unfortunately, the speed of the data is unclear.
  2. Finding relevant information about ports and how to establish a connection can be difficult.

Netgear 7550

Unquestionably dependable, the Netgear 7550 DSL modem works unfailingly with Frontier’s internet packages. 

This device can keep up with Frontier’s 10 DSL plans – even their maximum speed plan of 90Mbps! 

With 4 Ethernet ports that can reach 100Mbps each and the 802.11n wireless standard support integrated into it.

 This modem is a must-have for those looking to maximize their connection speeds!


  1. This design is ultra-compact and featherlight.
  2. This structure is crafted from sturdy plastic material.
  3. Get outstanding performance with an advanced multi-core chipset and 128MB of RAM.
  4. Perfect for a variety of everyday internet activities!


  1. This product isn’t suitable for more than 100Mbps speed.
  2. Compared to superior modems, these lack a few features.

Netgear D2200D

The Netgear D2200D is a cost-efficient DSL modem perfect for Frontier’s reliable yet budget-friendly internet plans.

 It delivers ADSL connections up to 100Mbps, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 802.11n WiFi technology, and more. 

And don’t worry about compatibility; this device has you covered with its standard DSL telephone slot too.


  1. An affordable option for ADSL internet speed
  2. Equipped with a dual-core processor, this device offers superior scaling power to reduce interference and optimize performance.
  3. Managing your system is a breeze with the WPS button and Genie app.


  1. Not suitable for plans with super-fast internet connections
  2. This design is quite large and bulky compared to other products.

Google Nest Mesh WiFi Router

The Google Nest WiFi Router is nothing short of a marvel. 

Using mesh technology, two Gigabit Ethernet ports and speeds up to 5Gbps enable seamless 4K streaming with 200 devices.


  1. covers up to 2200 square feet
  2. Manage online time for the kids through parental controls


  1.  Compared to others, this design is quite bulky.
  2. It comes at around $300 more than its competitors.


Can you use your modem with Frontier?

Yes, you can utilize your modem when using Frontier internet. However, the device must be compatible with DSL and fiber connections.

 Your modem or router-modem combo must have a phone line or ONT port for plans to work.

Setting the WiFi router with the phone

Setting the WiFi router with the phone

What kinds of modems work with Frontier?

Frontier does not accommodate cable modems, as their network is only compatible with FiOS or DSL. 

Consequently, you’ll need a modem that works with DSL or fiber-optic technology to use Frontier’s internet services.

How do I know which modem is compatible with Frontier?

When selecting a router, consider your internet plan and the long-term potential of any device purchase.

 A weak router can significantly degrade the speed of your connection. 

Conversely, investing in an unnecessary high-end model is wasteful when you don’t need its additional capabilities. 

Frontier offers a range of optional modems for this purpose. If you might upgrade to higher-tier services later, buy one now to avoid buying another modem!

What are the Pros of buying a modem instead of renting one?

When choosing between leasing or buying a modem, the choice depends on your needs and budget. 

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may charge a monthly fee for renting your modem. 

If you cancel the service, you must return the device or pay a fee. However, buying a router upfront may save money over time. 

Plus, owning your modem could mean better speeds over time and greater savings!


It’s time to make an informed decision and equip your family with the perfect modem for their needs. 

Research, explore all options available on the frontier market, and remember to refer to this guide. 

These guaranteed steps will lead you toward making a smart choice!

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