Best Hindi Channel Package in the USA: All You Need To Know

Are you looking for the best Hindi channel package in the USA? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

This blog post will provide all the necessary and up-to-date information about the current offer.

We’ll also walk you through how to ensure your chosen package is worth it from key points like the cost and quality of your favorite channels.

With our comprehensive guide, any viewer can get a good sense of which option suits them best. Let’s dive in!

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Options for watching Indian TV channels from the US

Are you searching for Indian packages in the US? There are hundreds of channels available.

Please continue reading to uncover which service providers offer what and how much they cost per channel!

Friends watching a movie together at home


If you’re searching for a comprehensive Hindi package, Sling TV has you covered!

Enjoy up to 90 popular channels with your choice of monthly, quarterly, or annual payment plans.

There’s something for everyone!

Catch popular shows on Zee cinema and Apaka Colors live or replay them within eight days after they air using the app available on smart devices.


DISH TV offers a wide variety of Hindi packages with news, movies, and exclusive channels for users.

As a bonus, DISH service provides the Hopper 3 DVR Unit that can record up to 16 programs simultaneously streaming.

It also provides 500 hours of HD recording capacity—all without needing any base English package!

With this user-friendly device, you can access your favorite Indian content in one convenient place.

A satellite dish for Indian TV channels

A satellite dish for Indian TV channels


YuppTV is the perfect way to access Hindi and other South Asian languages.

It features three convenient monthly, bi-annual, and annual packages.

You can also enjoy Yupp TV’s Catchup TV for up to 10 days on smart devices.

Only one stream is allowed without extra charge, but any additional streams required come at an economical monthly fee.

A family watching cable tv channels

A family watching cable tv channels


Hotstar puts the best Indian TV shows, movies, and live sports at your fingertips, all in 8 different languages!

Get instant access with a premium membership to download favorites directly onto your phone or tablet.

Unfortunately, laptop downloads are not an option yet, but they’re working on it.


MY INDIAN TV is the perfect choice for a custom streaming experience.

Choose from 20+ packages with flexible subscription length, monthly or up to 180-360 days premium plans.

Plus, you’ll be able to access your viewing on multiple platforms. Web, Android, and Kodi sessions mean seamless and enjoyable entertainment.

Web streaming media TV video service

Web streaming media TV video service

Amazon Prime Video

With Amazon Prime, you get an array of benefits, including the ability to subscribe to premium services like HBO, Showtime, and STARZ with unlimited streaming anytime on any device.

Enjoy free two-day shipping and ad-free tunes from over one million songs.

You can do this without registering for an additional subscription or satellite account.


With Netflix, you have endless streaming options for TV shows, films, and documentaries on virtually any device.

New titles are added to the selection each month for your never-ending enjoyment, all without ads.

Their 30-day free trial with no obligations or cancellation fees if you decide this service isn’t right for you!


With Eros Now, you can discover an extensive selection of Indian films and shows in multiple languages.

Stream content on various digital devices or download it for offline viewing when traveling.

Plus, revel in exclusive access to the biggest names in Bollywood entertainment!

Indian TV studio

Indian TV studio


JadooTV is a California-based company that provides South Asian media content right to your home.

Enjoy live and on-demand TV, movies, music, and more with our web-connected set-top box.

Sun TV

As India’s largest media company, Sun TV Network provides news and entertainment content to an estimated 95 million households in India and 27 countries, with 32 premium television channels broadcasted in 4 different Indian languages and 48 FM radio stations.

The network also offers something for any viewer.


If you want to watch Indian channels from the US, several options are available.

You can choose SLING TV, DISH TV, YUPPTV, MY INDIAN TV, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Each of these alternatives has advantages and disadvantages.

As a result, you must select which is best for you depending on your needs and tastes.

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