How to Order Starlink Accessories

Although the Starlink kit has everything you need to start, it’s only suitable for a temporary installation. So you’ll likely need to position your dish higher for better reception, and later you might want to expand your WiFi coverage. To do so, you’ll need accessories. Read on to learn how to order Starlink accessories.

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Once your Starlink kit arrives, you’ll find inside a Starlink dish, base (dish mount), WiFi router, 6-foot long power cable, and a second cable that’s 75 feet long. And these are all the items you need to connect to the internet.

But how do you order the Starlink kit? Here’s how.

  1. First, visit the Starlink website.
  2. Then, enter your address in the box at the bottom to check for Starlink availability in your area.
  3. If your location is within range, sign in.
  4. Next, if there’s a subscription slot available, Starlink directs you to where you will pay the full subscription fee ($599). But if there’s no available slot, you’re asked to pay a deposit of $99 and go on a waitlist. Then you have to wait until there’s a spot available.

1. Mounting Accessories

As mentioned earlier, the kit has all the necessary equipment to connect to the internet, including a base or mount. But this base is for ground-level mounting. However, for a good Starlink connection, there needs to be a clear view of the sky, and it’s often necessary to position the dish on high ground, like the roof, wall, or other angled surface. To do that, you need mounting accessories.

Image of dish mounted on a wall

Image of dish mounted on a wall

While Starlink makes mounts, which you can order from the Starlink shop, you must be a registered user for your order to go through.

Starlink official mounts include the Pivot mount, Long Wall mount, Short Wall mount, Flashing mount, and Grand Pole mount.

2. Network Accessories

Starlink network accessories include the following:

Because the Starlink router has no ethernet port, you need a Starlink Ethernet adapter if you want a hard-wired connection. Otherwise, without the adaptor, it can only support a wireless connection.

Image of wired internet connection

Image of wired internet connection

To set it up, plug it into the router. Then you’ll have a port to plug in your network accessories, such as a switch or access point.

It would help if you had mesh nodes to expand your WiFi signal to other areas of your house. That’s because mesh nodes ensure good network coverage throughout the house. However, Starlink mesh nodes only work with the current rectangular Starlink dish. 

Replacement Cable

Available in 75 and 150-foot lengths, this cable connects the dish to the router. It has proprietary plugs (connectors) on both ends. Therefore, aftermarket cables cannot work.

With this accessory, you can easily attach the dish to a pole with a diameter of two inches max. Alternatively, you can attach it to a mount. It’s no wonder the Starlink pipe adapter is very useful for DIY installations.

Image of using the internet while traveling

Image of using the internet while traveling

This accessory is also known as the Starlink travel case. Previously, Starlink RV subscribers could not use the dish while in motion. Doing so would have voided their contract. So, they had to bring it down, then set it up after reaching their destination or campsite. Therefore, they needed the Starlink RV Case to safely transport and store the dish. Today, subscribers can use Starlink RV while in motion. Still, if they ever need to, they can travel with the dish safely inside a Starlink RV case. 

Usually, users order Starlink accessories either officially or aftermarket. Now let’s take a look at the two methods.


To order from Starlink’s official shop,  visit Starlink’s online store. Note, though, that you must have an active Starlink subscription to access the shop.


If you’re open to buying outside the Starlink store, several retailers stock mounts and other accessories you’ll likely need when installing or extending WiFi service in your home. However, we recommend sourcing from a reputable retailer.

As mentioned earlier,  you must have an active account before ordering from the  Starlink shop. Therefore, you can’t place an order if you’re on the waitlist. 

However, once a subscription slot becomes available, and your order status gets converted to a full order, you can place an order.

On the other hand, if you succeeded in completing your order and paid the $599 for the Starlink kit, you can order accessories at the Starlink shop. You can do so when purchasing the kit or any time after the purchase.

Here’s how to order from Starlink, assuming you already have an active account (it’s a requirement that your order is complete). 

  1. First, go to the Starlink shop.
  2. Next, type in “ethernet adapter” in the search box.  
  3. You’ll see different types of ethernet adapters. Please select one and add it to your shopping cart.
  4. If there’s nothing else you’re buying, check out the ethernet adapter and select your preferred payment method.

Now your order is complete, and Starlink will soon deliver your ethernet adapter to you. 


Well, it depends. If you paid $99 and are on a waitlist, you have to wait until a subscription spot opens so your order is complete. But this can take months. Thankfully, it’s possible to get Starlink faster

On the other hand, if you’ve already paid the full amount, it takes three days before shipping. Then immediately after your equipment leaves the warehouse, you get notified via email. 

A Starlink kit costs $599 plus an additional $60 for handling fees. The good thing is this is a one-time payment.

Fortunately, several mounts work with Starlink, including the J-mount, Tripod mount, and Chimney mount.  

Starlink comes with a router, plus all other equipment you require to connect to the internet.


As you can see, it’s not hard to order accessories. All you need is a fully active account to order from Starlink. Remember, most accessories are also available from several retailers. However, to avoid falling victim to scammers claiming to sell accessories at low prices, you’re better off ordering from the Starlink shop or a reputable seller. 

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