How Can I Contact Starlink?

Starlink is currently one of the world’s top satellite internet providers. Apart from high-speed internet, the company also offers its customers remote access.

Starlink might have a thorn despite attracting massive demand for its services globally. Some customers have previously complained of difficulty getting customer care services from the company. Read on to know more about how to contact Starlink support.

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Starlink has recently criticized existing and future customers for its non-existent customer service. Therefore, through its satellite provider SpaceX, Starlink apologized to its customers for their difficulties in reaching it for support. Some customers have reported waiting up to eleven days to get a response.

After reaching out to Starlink for support, look for a solution to your problem on the company’s support page. Because the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) get displayed for customers, you can easily find solutions to common issues regarding Starlink and its products. These issues include billing, setup, installation, blockages, and the Starlink kit. If you can’t find a solution, here are a few steps you can follow to contact Starlink.

customer support agent provides service

Customer support agent provides service.

If you can’t find a solution on the customer support page, here’s what to do.

1: Visit the Support Page

You can raise a ticket on the Starlink app or website on the support page. Customers must first log in to their Starlink accounts to access this page.

FAQ website support page

FAQ website support page

2: Thumbs Down

Make sure to log in to be able to see all the FAQs. If none of the FAQs have been of particular help to you, that’s ok, choose a similar issue amongst the listed topics and click on the thumbs down button found below the topic question. 

Thumbs up and thumbs down

Thumbs up and thumbs down

3: Start a Ticket

After clicking on the thumbs-down icon, Starlink will ask you if you intend to contact support. Clicking on yes will redirect you to another page where you will be required to fill out a form detailing your issue. Consequently, you complete the ticket by clicking on the submit request icon.

4: Review the Status of Support Tickets

To review the status of previous and current tickets, you must first log in on the Starlink app or website. Go to the support page and click on the all messages icon on the left side of the page under the search tab. Here, you’ll find your previous and current tickets to review.

Once you have raised a ticket with Starlink support, waiting for a response might be frustrating. It might help to frame the same question differently. You can head over to your first message after logging in to get support faster. Here, add a response to this message. Doing this consistently somehow pushes your ticket up the line, helping you to get a faster response from Starlink.

Ask for help. Asking questions. FAQ sign

Ask for help. Asking questions. FAQ sign

It would also be best if you avoided raising too many tickets. The best way is to stick to one ticket and ask other queries in the response tab below. It will also help push you up the priority response list.

Unfortunately, Starlink does not provide its customers with a public email they can use to reach it; You will have to use the ticket system for any support you need.

Starlink does not provide a phone number for the public to call if there are any issues or inquiries they might have. Be sure to raise a ticket for any support you need from the company.

Creative Support Ticket icon

Creative Support Ticket icon


The company recently announced that it would soon embark on a recruitment drive to ramp up its customer support department. 

Starlink also promised to sort out the issues as soon as recruitment is done. SpaceX has asked for more patience from the public as it will soon provide direct access to support for its customers and future users.

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