Steps to Access Netflix on DISH without the Internet

Can you access Netflix on DISH without the Internet

Dish Network is one of the most reliable streaming services granting us access to many channels at low cost.

But Netflix is available as an online streaming platform, so it makes sense to worry if it’s available on DISH without an internet connection. 

In this article, we’ll look at how to access the service on DISH without the Internet for cable TV. Let’s get right into it. 

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Can you Access Netflix Free on DISH?

DISH receivers feature a built-in Netflix service allowing you to access the streaming service even without Internet access.

It is possible because sometime back, Netflix, the largest video stream channel, entered into a deal with DISH TV provider to include it on their channels list.

The aim was to guarantee incredible video experiences for subscribers.

Hence, at the time of the deal, you could access Netflix free of charge for six months. The free offer is no more. 

But today, the deal between the companies still stands, although subscribing to DISH doesn’t mean you’re now registered on Netflix.

You must set up your profile login details and select a Netflix package that suits you. 

What Channel Is Netflix on DISH?

Streaming Netflix on a Tablet. 

Streaming Netflix on a Tablet. 

DISH saves you the hassle of navigating through a web of channels to access your favorite one by assigning specific codes to each of them.

For instance, to access Netflix, you must tune in to Channel 302 and click ‘Enter.’

Alternatively, you can select the Favorite streaming Apps button on your remote control and choose ‘Netflix.’

Thirdly, you launch it via the DISH voice remote option. For this, all you need is to say, ‘Go to Netflix,’ and it’ll immediately launch.

Once on Netflix, switching back to normal DISH service is also seamless.

All you need to achieve this is to click the home button, and you’re back. 

DISH Receivers with Pre-built Netflix

A technician installs DISH. 

A technician installs DISH. 

As mentioned earlier, Netflix is not free with DISH. However, some DISH Network Receivers feature a pre-built Netflix, allowing access without the Internet. 

Here are some of the Select Dish Receivers:

  • Wireless Joey
  • 4K Joey
  • Super Joey
  • Hopper 2 with Sling
  • Evolve
  • Wally
  • Hopper 3
  • AirTV Mini

How to Access Netflix on DISH without the Internet

No Internet. 

No Internet. 

Below we’ll discuss the key steps to access Netflix on the DISH network without an internet connection.

Notably, this applies to individuals who are already subscribed to Netflix. This step requires a connection, so ensure you’ve done it first. 

Access Steps

  1. First, switch on your Select DISH receiver. It is the most critical step, as the receiver features the pre-built Netflix. 
  2. Next, switch on the TV and connect the receiver to the television’s display terminal. The ideal way to confirm your connection to the right terminal is to check if the TV screen indicates the home menu. 
  3. Now, select the Netflix APP on the home menu. If absent, your receiver doesn’t have the built-in Netflix access capability, and you may have to change it. 
  4. Click on the Netflix APP to launch it, and now you can access all the shows and movies on the service. 

I Can’t Find Netflix on DISH Apps List

A TV Remote Controller.

A TV Remote Controller.

You might realize the Netflix app is unavailable from the apps list, but this shouldn’t be a concern.

Here are the probable causes of the problem and ways of mitigating it. 

Replace your Receiver

Is your DISH Receiver among those highlighted above as pre-built in Netflix-enabled? If it is not, then it might be time to replace it.

Also, this is an opportunity to upgrade to a better receiver with improved streaming features. 

Thus, the bottom line is that Netflix will be unavailable on some receivers, so you must ensure you’re using a Netflix-enabled one

Click Channel 302

Earlier, we noted that you could launch Netflix quickly by clicking channel 302 on your remote control.

Hence, this option should do the trick if it is unavailable from the channels list and you’re sure your receiver is Netflix-enabled. 

Use the Netflix Button

Are you using the AirTV Mini receiver? Then, you can launch Netflix by clicking on the Netflix button if you cannot access it on the apps list.

Unfortunately, this launching option works only on the specific receiver. 

How to Watch Netflix Ultra HD on DISH?



Some DISH Receivers can deliver top streaming quality at HD and Ultra HD levels. The latter is the highest level of resolution as it resolves the image up to 4000 pixels. 

As a general rule, you first need to invest in a DISH receiver that supports the Ultra HD format. Such decoders include: 

  • Dish Evolve
  • 4K Joey
  • AirTV Mini
  • Hopper 3

Further, you must fulfill the following conditions to realize the Ultra HD streaming format. 

  1. First, ensure your TV supports Ultra HD content streaming. It should also have an HDCP 2.2 enabled HDMI port to facilitate connection to your DISH set-top box. 
  2. You must also subscribe to the category of streaming suggestions that supports Ultra HD streaming. 
  3. Again, a prerequisite is a strong internet connection with at least a speed of 25 megabits and a good data plan if you cannot access WiFi. 
  4. Finally, ensure your stream quality is on the Auto level to facilitate HD streaming. 


In a Nutshell, you can access Netflix on DISH even when not connected to the Internet. 

This will be possible when you have a decoder with a pre-built Netflix property.

Again, it is also seamless to launch Netflix on DISH as all you need is to follow the steps we’ve set out above. 

So if you’ve been wondering how to connect Netflix to DISH, this article will be a dependable guide. 

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