100 GB Data Plan – What Can You do with 100 GB Data?

We’re in the era of internet technology, and thus having a data plan is inevitable. Many service providers offer a range of packages, and one of the most popular ones is the 100 GB data plan. 

But is this data sufficient for an individual with extensive browsing needs? Let’s find out below. 

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How Much Is 100GB Data?

A 100 GB internet plan means you can access a range of services without worrying that you’ll run out of data.

Most people will require just 10GB of data to meet their browsing needs. 

Nonetheless, there is evidence that people in some countries, such as the UK, spend approximately 19GB per month.

Although 100GB of data is quite a lot, it may not meet all users’ needs, especially for individuals who browse heavily. 

Also, as we’ll elaborate on below, you’ll deplete the 100 gigabytes of data fast if you’re using it at high speed.

But 100g internet is as reliable as unlimited WiFi for general household browsing and gaming. 

100 Mbps is how many Gigabytes?

Illustrating Internet Speed. 

Illustrating Internet Speed. 

First, convert 100 Mbps to gigabits and then to GB to obtain the data rate per second in Gigabytes. 

Hence, using data at the rate of 100 Mbs (megabit per second) means that you are spending 0.1 Gbps. It equals 100/8 Megabytes per second, as a byte equals 8 bits. 

Thus, 100mbps = 12.5 MBs per second, equivalent to 0.0125 Gigabytes per second. 

100GB versus Unlimited

A Young Man using Data. 

A Young Man using Data. 

100GB internet can sustain your household data needs as effectively as an unlimited plan. However, we’ll highlight several remarkable differences between the two below: 

  1. First, an unlimited plan means there’s no cap on the maximum data you can use. On the other hand, a 100GB plan caps your data use to a maximum of 100 Gigabytes, beyond which you will be disconnected. 
  2. Also, since you can use as much data as you want in an unlimited plan, the cost is higher than for a 100 GB plan. 
  3. Thirdly, most unlimited plans have a speed cap to regulate how much data you use, especially if it is moderately priced. It may not be present for a 100GB plan.

Therefore, if you’re operating on a lean budget, a 100GB plan can be better than an unlimited one. 

Typical data usage rates

Earlier, we mentioned that the average monthly data use per individual is approximately 10GB.

It means that most people barely exhaust their 100 gigs of data.  So what exactly can you do if you’re subscribed to a 100gbs internet plan? 

Check out the table below. 

Data UseData Rate per Hour Duration 100 GB of Data Lasts
Streaming Music72 MBs/Hour1388 Hours
Accessing Social Media 150 MBs/HourAt least 600 Hours
Video Calls (High Quality)800 MBs/HourAt least 125 Hours
Standard Quality Video Streaming (SD)700 MBs/ HourAt least 142 Hours 
High Definition Video Streaming (HD)2.5 GBs/HourAt least 40 Hours
4K Ultra HD Video Streaming (4K)6 GBs/Hour16 Hours
Online Gaming80 MBs/HourA minimum of 1250 Hours
Normal Browsing15 MBs/HourAt least 600 Hours
Sending Instant MessagesAverage of 3.2 million messages

How to check your data usage?

An older man monitoring Data

An older man monitoring Data

Your device can clearly show how much data you’re spending. But the processes differ depending on the operating system and sometimes the device’s hardware. 

Windows OS

  1. Select ‘Settings’ on your Windows PC and click the ‘Network and Internet’ option. 
  2. Next, choose ‘Status’ and ‘Data Usage.’ Now you can track your data use within a particular duration. 


  1. Select the ‘Settings’ icon on your iPhone, then choose the ‘Cellular Data’ option. 
  2. You can now track how your device uses data and the respective apps. It helps you take countermeasures to limit data consumption by a particular app. 

Moreover, it allows you to reset the data used to counter and set a specific frequency of monitoring. 

Wi-Fi Router Data Use

There’s no way to check how your router uses data, as the method relies on its model. But you can always monitor data use for any WiFi router. You only need to refer to the process in the User’s Manual. 

Tips for using Data Efficiently

A man browsing. 

A man browsing. 

Say you have discovered that your devices use more than 100GB of data monthly. Here are steps to bring it down and save more on data costs. 

Switch on WiFi

WiFi Icon. 

WiFi Icon. 

Do you have access to WiFi at your home? If you do, this is a great way to save on data.

So switch on WiFi by clicking on its icon on your device. 

It will allow you to connect to any WiFi network that allows access without a password.

However, beware of connecting to public WiFi without undertaking safety measures, as you could risk your data. 

The golden rule is to use a VPN when connecting to public WiFi to safeguard your device from hacking.

Alternatively, use private internet access or steer clear from Public WiFi. 

Switch off Apps Running in Background Data

Phone Apps. 

Phone Apps. 

Some phone and PC applications use data in the background even when you haven’t launched them.

It could be your largest consumer of data. Luckily, you can curtail the issue by simply going to ‘Settings’ and restricting background data on most apps. 

You’ll save two things- data and the phone’s battery use. 

Reduce Video Quality



From the data we highlighted above, it’s clear that video streaming is one of the heaviest data consumers.

So you will significantly save on data use by changing the video quality. If you were streaming on HD, change the quality to SD. 

If you’re using a good device, you may not even realize a deterioration in video quality. So you can continue watching clear videos on SD mode. 

Is 100GB of data enough?

A family browsing the internet. 

A family browsing the internet. 

100GB of data is sufficient for most household needs, especially if you’re subscribed to a low-speed plan.

Also, if you note that your data use is getting overboard, limit data-intensive activities such as video streaming. 

Also, it would greatly help if you applied the tips we’ve highlighted above on saving data. 


Do you have a 100 GB data plan and worry it might not meet your needs? Don’t worry, as this is quite a lot of data.

And we’ve explained how it fares compared to unlimited, so you already know which is better for you. If you have other questions, welcome to contact us.

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