15 GB Data Plan – Learn What You Can Do With It

About 15 GB Data Plan, Today, technology and the internet play a crucial role in our daily lives – having a reliable data plan is a must! 

That’s why this guide will provide all you need to know about 15 GB of data plan – from its meaning to how you can use it and the advantages and disadvantages of having such a plan. 

By the end, you’ll be well-versed in the subject and able to make the most of your internet experience!

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How Much Is 15GB of Data?

15GB of data equals 15,000MB of data. Ideally, you can use this amount of data to stream approximately 3 hours of HD video or send and receive up to 150,000 emails.

You can browse the internet for about 300 hours and download up to 15,000 songs.

In other words, 15GB of data can handle light to moderate internet activities. Again, this will depend on the type of activities you will perform.

Typical Data Usage Rates

Browsing the Web

If you browse the web and do simple activities (emailing, chatting, etc.), your average usage rate will be about 15MB per hour. Therefore, 15GB of data will serve you for 1,000 hours.

Listening to Music

A woman is listening to music.

A woman is listening to music.

  • With a speed of 24kbps, you’ll use about 10.8MB of data every hour. That’s approximately 1,388 hours with 15GB of data.
  • With a speed of 96kbps, you’ll use about 43.2MB of data every hour. That’s equivalent to 347 hours with 15GB of data.
  • With a speed of 160kbps, you’ll use about 72MB of data every hour. That’s almost 208 hours with a 15GB data plan.
  • With a speed of 320kbps, you’ll use about 144MB of data every hour. That’s up to 104 hours with a plan of 15GB of data.

Streaming Video

Video files are larger than music and image files. Consequently, streaming videos will consume a lot of data. Here is a simple breakdown:

  • SD streaming: 700MB every hour, equal to 21 hours with 15GB of data.
  • HD streaming: 2.5 GB every hour, translating to 6 hours with 15GB of data.
  • 4K Ultra HD streaming: 6GB every hour, no more than 3 hours, with 15GB of data.

Video Calling

A girl is making a video call.

A girl is making a video call.

You’ll spend 800MB per hour to make video calls – this will depend on the quality of your video calls.

In the same vein, 15GB of data will give you around 18 hours of video calling, on average.

Online Gaming

To game online, you’ll use approximately 80MB per hour. That’s around 187 hours if you have 15GB of data.

How to Check Your Data Usage?

Windows PC

A desktop computer.

A desktop computer.

To see the amount of data you’ve used over the last few days, click on Settings, then on Network and Internet. Next, click on Status, and finally, click on Data Usage.


An iPhone.

An iPhone.

Begin by clicking on Settings, then click on Cellular Data. Here, you’ll track the data you use per day, week, or month.

Plus, you’ll spot the apps that “eat” the most and the least data.

Mobile Hotspot

Typically, mobile hotspots have a page with statistics for your data usage. If you log in, you’ll see your data usage every month.

Mobile Carrier

Your mobile carrier likely has an account page. So, visit the page – you’ll see the data usage for your mobile line.

Tips to Use Data Efficiently

Turn Off Background Applications

Some apps, especially Facebook, use background data even if you’re not using them. So, make sure to turn off such apps.

Adjust Video Quality

Lower your video quality. For example, adjust the quality of your videos from 4K and HD to SD. For your information, SD videos use fewer data than HD and 4K videos.

Don’t worry; most devices use upscaling and other services to present SD videos that look as good as HD videos.

Yet, this applies to devices with smaller screens, such as your phone.

Is 15GB of Data Enough for Me?

It depends on how you’re using your data. If you use data for basic activities (checking emails, browsing the web, streaming a few videos, etc.), then 15GB of data might be enough. 

Meanwhile, if you use data to stream lots of videos, play online games, download large files, etc.,15GB of data might not be enough for you.

The best way to know if 15GB of data will serve your needs is to check your data usage history.

That way, you’ll know the amount of data you use daily, week, month, etc., and gauge if 15GB of data will be enough for you.


With the right plan and usage, 15 GB of data can be invaluable for staying connected and enjoying your favorite activities. For more information, contact us today.

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