Metal Roof Antenna Interference: Everything You Need to Know

About Metal Roof Antenna Interference, A metal roof is a popular choice for roofing material, but did you know it can affect your TV signal?

If you have a metal roof and are experiencing interference with your TV antenna, this blog post is for you.

Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about metal roof antenna interference so that you can get the best possible signal.

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Do Metal Roofs Make it Hard to Get a Good TV Signal?

Metal roofs will not interfere with the signal. However, they have the potential to intensify any existing interferences.

For instance, if you were mounting an antenna in an attic situated on a metal building, signals would be unable to penetrate through it.

However, should you opt for rooftop installation instead of attics, there won’t be many complications whatsoever regarding your signal reception.

If you mounted your television antenna in the attic, an amplified model with a higher gain would be best. It will help beat signal loss and ensure you can pick up signals from towers regardless of the metal material present. Ensure that whatever antenna you select is capable of this task – otherwise, it won’t serve its purpose!

A metal roof

A metal roof

How to Install a TV Antenna for a Metal Roof?

Installing an external attic antenna for a metal roof can be tricky, and if not done properly, your signal could experience interference. Fortunately, we have the steps to ensure you get it right!

  1. Start by choosing the right roof screw size for your antenna mount and tripod base.
  2. Drill two holes in your metal roof, insert two screws in each hole and tighten them with a screwdriver.
  3. Apply silicone sealant around the screw holes to ensure maximum water tightness and secure fitting of the screws.
  4. Put the tripod’s base over the screws and use a screwdriver to secure it to the roof.
  5. Add additional silicone sealant around each screw for further safety from weather elements such as rain, snow, or wind.
  6. Use an adjustable spanner to unscrew the tripod collar screws that hold the antenna pole in place. Then, remove them from the mounting plate.
  7. Insert your antenna pole into the tripod base and make sure it is firmly erect. You should do this before securing the collar screws back into place with a spanner or wrench.
  8. Tighten up all of your nuts on both ends of your pole using an adjustable spanner to ensure a stable installation of your antenna.

9. Lastly, ensure no obstructions (such as ridge capping or eaves) are blocking or limiting air reception from your antenna.

Black TV antenna

Black TV antenna

Things to consider when shopping for the most powerful antenna for metal roofs

1. Signals

For the most value, purchase antennas that can access HF and RF signals. This tool will also bring in tons of channels available in your area.

2. Range

The range of air TV antenna is a crucial factor to consider, especially if you live in the countryside or an isolated area.

In densely populated regions, digital signal towers are abundant and spread apart from each other. However, rural households tend to be far away from antenna broadcasts, making long-range antennas essential for getting good reception. Keep in mind that a greater range often comes with increased cost.

3. Installation

Mounting antennas on a metallic surface can be quite tricky. To save time, you should opt for pre-assembled antennas and ready-to-go—unfold them and mount them! If you want it done right, dissembled antennas will require the tedious endeavor of piecing together individual components.

4. Quality

With many TV channels available, it’s essential to prioritize high-definition picture quality. To enjoy the clearest HD viewing experience, search for antennas with the mark “HD ready.” You’ll have spectacular full HD (1080p) resolution.

5. Material

For outdoor antennas, aluminum and copper are the most reliable materials due to their rust resistance and strength.

Installing TV antenna

Installing TV antenna

The Best Metal Roof TV Antennas

1. RCA Compact Outdoor or Attic Yagi TV Antenna

The RCA Outdoor Yagi satellite antenna is an excellent option for those seeking quality reception at a low cost. Its small, discreet size makes it perfect for homeowners who wish to remain discreet about their rooftop equipment.

It offers crystal-clear pictures and sounds from multiple channels with greater efficiency than flat active antennas – all while being remarkably weatherproof! Plus, pre-assembled parts and snap locks ensure a quick installation that anyone can manage.


1-Installation is a breeze and relatively effortless.

2-Comes ready to use with no assembly required.

3-Eliminates any unwanted noise in the air signal.


1-Not supplied with a coaxial cable may be necessary for proper setup and connection depending on the user’s individual needs and preferences.

2. GE Outdoor HD Digital TV Antenna

The GE PRO antenna offers you a high-quality reception experience. This low-profile, C-shaped device features directors and reflectors that strategically exist along its curve. It offers an impressive long-range capability with free access to HDTV channels so you can say goodbye to your cable bill. Although it is disassembled upon purchase, setting up the antenna is simple by watching the instructional video on YouTube.


1-Low profile, allowing installation in discreet locations without compromising aesthetics

2-Produces sharp and clear images, providing a high-quality viewing experience

3-Comes with a lifetime limited warranty, ensuring that users can trust the product will last

4-Efficiently captures and displays true HD channels


1-May come disassembled, requiring users to have the sufficient technical knowledge to assemble it properly

Television antenna icons

Television antenna icons

3. Five Star Outdoor Digital Amplified

This outdoor antenna boasts an impressive 200-mile range, making it ideal for picking up both local and HD channels. Its advanced motorized control and intelligent gain technology for digital air TV signals. It also has an LTE filter to eliminate noise and ensure a crystal-clear picture, no matter your location.


1-This device can rotate a full 360 degrees, which allows for a comprehensive view.

2-It can support up to five television screens simultaneously and receive many channels.

3-It modernized design offers many innovative functionalities.


1-Due to its construction and material composition, it may not be as durable in high wind conditions as other similar products.

4. PBD WA-2608 Digital Outdoor Antenna

Installing this antenna is a breeze, with all the necessary hardware and equipment included. Thanks to its 150-mile range, you can enjoy crystal clear channels even in shaded woodlands. Plus, there’s added convenience from the remote control! Not only is the quality of the product itself exceptional, but so is the quality of the accompanying customer service and shipping.


1-Quick and simple to install

2-Highly resistant to changing weather conditions

3-Able to function effectively in wooded areas

4-Excellent customer support, with friendly and helpful staff

5-Swift delivery times


1-Some users find the product too lightweight, feeling it may not withstand heavier applications or more challenging environments.

5. Vansky TV Antenna

This resilient long-range outdoor antenna is here to stay for all types of weather. It has lightning protection and a remarkable range of up to 150 miles. Therefore, you’re set for double the viewing pleasure with access to many high-definition channels.


1-Able to easily adjust settings from a distance with the remote control

2-Made of materials that can withstand outdoor elements like rain and snow

3-Ideal for watching two TVs at once

4-Sturdy construction and robust design


1-The RF cables connecting to the antenna are not very durable, as they are prone to damage due to their flimsy nature.

UHF antenna on a roof

UHF antenna on a roof


Is it possible to use a metal roof as a TV antenna?

Any metal object can technically function as an antenna. Yet it will likely operate inefficiently compared to one specifically designed for that purpose.

TV antenna on a metal roof

TV antenna on a metal roof

Can metal roofs cause interference, even with an antenna in place?

A metal roof can increase interference. However, if your antenna has an unobstructed view, it should perform without disruptions in open spaces. Putting outdoor antennas on the roof is a common way to fix this problem and get the best reception possible.

Do Metal Roofs Affect Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Service?

A metal roof will not deter Wi-Fi or cell phone reception. It means that even if the signal is weak or a company wishes to provide their clients with mobile service, it won’t cause any problems.

How Can I Boost My Cell Phone Signal Strength With a Metal Roof?

Utilizing a cell phone signal booster is the most efficient way to enhance cell phone reception within a metal structure. These systems can amplify incoming signals for one or multiple devices. It can also improve connections to hotspots and routers, producing faster data speeds.


If you’re looking into getting better reception but are worried about a metal roof interfering with signals, then worry no more. With our guide, you have all the information needed to choose the right model of TV antenna specifically for use on metallic rooftops. Contact us if you have more questions.

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