How to Set Up and Log In to Your Starlink Router: Easy Steps

How do you set up and log in to your Starlink router? How do you bypass your Starlink router? Do you use your own router with Starlink? We answer all these and other of your frequently asked questions. Using your Starlink router has never been this easy.

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Internet Speed Concept Illustration

Internet Speed Concept Illustration

The speed of your Starlink router will vary depending on your location. You should expect download speeds between 50 to 200 Mbps if you are in the US or UK.

However, Starlink RV is slightly slower, especially during peak hours. Its download speed is between 5 to 200 Mbps. But the company promises faster speeds in its later development stages.

Using phones to connect to Wi-Fi

Using phones to connect to wi-fi.

Starlink doesn’t have a limit on the number of devices that you can use. It all depends on how much your hardware can support. According to Starlink, the router can support up to 128 devices. But it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be connecting all these devices at a go.

Picture showing the plug of a high-speed ethernet cable

Picture showing the plug of a high-speed ethernet cable

Follow these steps to set up and log in to your Starlin router.

  1. The first step is to power up your router. Use its ethernet cable to connect it. It should first glow in a pulsing white, then solid white that doesn’t blink or pulse.
  2. Wait around two minutes for the software initialization, then log in.
  3. Using your computer or smartphone, go to Starlink Homepage or type in at the search bar.
  4. You’ll be directed to Starlink’s login page. Sign in using your ID and password.

For first-time users, you can type in admin as your default username and password, then change them once you are in.

Use the Starlink App to access the Starlink administration dashboard. Follow these steps.

  1. First, download the Starlink App from the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Connect to your Starlink wi-fi network.
  3. Next, log in to your account using the app.
  4. Once in, you are directed to the dashboard.

The dashboard page contains essential information and settings about your Starlink, such as your router’s status. You can also check for obstructions, test internet speed, and look at the network statistics.

You can turn on the bypass mode from the settings of the Starlink app. Enabling bypass mode disables the functionalities of the built-in Starlink router. You can then link and use your own router. Here’s how to bypass the Starlink router.

  1. First, you need to install the Starlink kit. Follow the instructions as provided by the company.
  2. Next, confirm that Starlink is connected to the internet and shows the online status.
  3. Thirdly, connect your router’s ethernet cable with an RJ45 connector that comes with the power cabling.
  4. Finally, open the Starlink App. Go to Settings and select Bypass Starlink Router.
top view wi-fi router with hands using laptop smartphone

top view wi-fi router with hands using laptop smartphone

Here are a few reasons why you would want to use your own router with Starlink.

  • One, you can set up a wi-fi guest network.
  • You can also connect to more devices than the limit set by the Starlink router.
  • Also, you can access features not offered by Starlink routers, e.g., DMZ, port forwarding, and advanced firewall rules.
  • Lastly, your own router is essential if you want an additional range and access points.

Starlink is compatible with almost all routers, from mesh wi-fi routers to basic consumer-grade routers and more advanced options. Just make sure you are not using a modem router combo. Starlink doesn’t support modems.

To use your own router with Starlink,

  1. First, you have to buy the official Starlink ethernet adapter. Don’t go for third-party ethernet adapters, as these aren’t compatible with Starlink.
  2. Next, turn on the bypass mode on your Starlink router.
  3. After that, use the ethernet cable and adapter to connect your Starlink router to the new router.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Starlink router comes with a 12 months (1-year) warranty. All the details are outlined in its warranty section.

Unlike the standard cable modems with glowing indicators, Starlink has one power light to indicate whether the router is on. It is found at the bottom next to the cable connection. The router will blink white and then eventually blue to indicate that it’s connected to the internet.

Here’s how to factory reset your Starlink router (rectangular Starlink):

  1. First, unplug your router from power and plug it back thrice in a row at 2 to 3 seconds intervals.
  2. After the router restarts, connect to STARLINK or STINKY wi-fi network.
  3. Finally, change your Network ID and Password.

Here’s an in-depth guide on how to factory reset your Starlink router.  

Starlink does not have an internet cap, meaning it offers unlimited internet data. This is a huge internet investment as you end up paying less money for more internet. Moreover, it delivers high internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps.


These are all the answers to your frequently asked questions. Using Starlink isn’t difficult but can get pretty confusing. Always refer to this article when you doubt how to use your Starlink router and app. 

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