How to Set Up Starlink Internet for Your Home or Workspace

According to the US Census, over a quarter million Americans still employ dial-up connections when accessing the internet, and many rural areas have no cable or fiber internet options. Many Americans in remote or rural areas struggle with slow, unreliable internet, a serious problem for those working from home or in professions that need regular internet access. This space is where Starlink comes in. 

Moreover, the satellite-based internet service is growing in popularity thanks to its incredible reach, high-speed downloads, and very simple installation process. This article will show you how to buy and set up Starlink’s internet.

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First, visit and confirm your location under Starlink service coverage. Second, sign up for the service using your physical address and credit card information. Unlike other companies, with Starlink, you don’t sign equipment rental agreements. You buy the hardware first (it costs $599 and a $50 handling fee). Besides, monthly billing starts once you get it set up. 

Setting up Starlink’s internet isn’t difficult. However, it’s a straightforward process anyone can carry out. Getting a live connection up and running doesn’t take long. Besides, when you follow the steps in the next section,  you’ll be good to go in no time.  

Starlink satellite dish setup

Starlink satellite dish setup

  • Download Starlink App

Download the app and install it on your device. You can also use the web browser to set up and manage the system if you’d rather not download the app. 

  • Use Starlink App for Obstruction

Additionally, you can use the app to check potential installation areas for obstructions like trees, buildings, and other objects that may interfere with signals transmitted to and from the Starlink dish. 

  • Tools and Starlink Kit

Ensure you have all the necessary tools for assembly and installation. The full kit should have the Starlink dish, mounting base, 75-foot cable, wireless router, and wireless power cord. 

  • Set Up Starlink Dish

First, connect the power cable to the dish and ensure it’s fully seated. Next, place the mast in the mounting base. Check out our blog for more information on dish installation.

Starlink satellite dish
satellite dish internet Starlink

Starlink satellite dish

  • Plug It In

Connect the other end of the cable to your home through the wireless router. After plugging in, the dish will power on and search for satellites. 

  • Connect to Starlink

Open the app and log in using your Starlink account. The main screen should display your status as ‘online.’

  • Order any mounting gear at the same time as your dish 
  •  Check the statistics page frequently to monitor outages, network bandwidth, and latency.
  •  Pick a mount that works best for you, considering potential obstructions around the home or building. 
Connect to Starlink

Connect to Starlink


Your Starlink dish should have an unobstructed view of the sky, so the best place is the highest or most open point in your area, like the peak of your roof. Also, avoid areas with trees and other objects like other buildings. 

Dish in an open area

Dish in an open area

The maximum distance the Starlink dish can be from your house is 150 feet. This is if you buy the 150-foot extension cable from Starlink. However, the standard cable that comes with the equipment extends to 75 feet. 

Starlink does not design its cables for burying like fiber optic cables. However, you can insert the Starlink cable in an electrical conduit if you need to bury it during installation. 


In conclusion, setting up Starlink isn’t a difficult task. All you have to do is plan by ensuring your location is eligible for Starlink service, wait for your equipment to arrive, and unpack the tools so you can get started. Follow the steps in this article, and you’ll enjoy the fast internet in no time! Check out our blog for more tips and information on Starlink. 

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