Starlink Return Policy: Details and A How-To-Return Guide

Starlink has revolutionized the satellite internet service industry by providing fast internet speeds to any point on the globe. But the service might underperform in some areas because its satellite system is not yet complete. So if you buy the kit and it doesn’t work for you, it is best to return it. And you need to be aware of the company’s return policy to get all or most of your money back. Here’s all you need to know about the Starlink return policy.

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The current Starlink terms of service allow customers to return the Starlink kit within 30 days of receipt to qualify for a full refund. However, the hardware must not have any damage. This return can be due to any reason, including field-of-view issues that make it impossible to access the satellite internet service.

Starlink can also issue a partial refund if the company implements substantial changes within 12 months of accepting the order, giving you no option to proceed with the original terms for the remainder of the 12 months. The company calculates the partial refund based on the 12-month straight-line depreciation.

A Starlink dish mounted on a roof.

For instance, if Starlink makes substantial changes after six months of receiving your order, you can return the kit and get a refund of 50% of the purchase price. But you won’t get a refund of the recurring monthly fees for the six months.

But what does a substantial change mean? It implies an increase in the monthly fees by more than 50% or reduced availability in Starlink specifications by over 50%. These specifications include service availability, latency, and expected upload & download speeds.

Besides the refund, you can return and replace your Starlink kit if you have a valid warranty claim.

What About Returns on Deposit Payments?

Placing a deposit payment before Starlink ships the hardware kit books you a slot on the waitlist. This deposit is fully refundable, and you can request it anytime using your Starlink account. But the refundable deposit clause states that obtaining this refund forfeits your priority position on the waitlist.

Will You Incur Additional Costs During a Return?

You might. Additional charges include the following.

First Monthly Subscription Fee

Starlink bills the monthly subscription fee after 14 days after shipping. And you will get billed for the monthly service even if you initiate service cancellation a day after the 14-day window elapses.

A Starlink satellite in Low Earth Orbit

A Starlink satellite in Low Earth Orbit

Two weeks should be enough for you to set up the kit and check whether you get good service (or not) in your area. Try to get the satellite dish on a roof or an open space away from obstructions to avoid slower speeds or unstable service during this period.

If it doesn’t seem to work out, ensure you initiate the returns process before the 14-day window elapses to avoid paying the monthly fee.

As the customer, you are responsible for the damages to the equipment. So you will incur charges, which will be a deduction from the refund. And you might not get a refund if the equipment is beyond repair. You better stay with the hardware.

But damages can occur during shipping as the kit returns to the manufacturer. So ensure you pack the satellite dish, router, and other components in the original box for maximum protection.

You might consider getting shipping insurance to cover the hardware if it gets broken while in transit.

Handling and Shipping Costs

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid shipping and handling costs because Starlink’s terms of service state that customers cater to these fees when returning the dish hardware. The company might provide shipping labels but will deduct the amount from the refund. Usually, the cost can range from $40 to $60, depending on the shipping service and your location.

An RV with a roof-mounted satellite dish

An RV with a roof-mounted satellite dish

Since damages eat into your refund, you should pack the antenna and dish accessories safely. Here’s how to do it.

Follow these steps to stow or store the dish hardware.

  • Open the Starlink phone app
  • Tap Settings
  • Go to the “Starlink Actions” tab
  • Tap Stow

The leg should retract. If it doesn’t work, you can stow the dish manually using the following steps.

  • Power the Starlink dish
  • Remove the metal base from the dish
  • Place the antenna on the ground with the face lying flat on the surface and the leg facing up.
A Starlink dish (second version square shape antenna)

A Starlink dish (second version square shape antenna)

  • Give it a few minutes
  • The mast should tilt into the stow position automatically
  • Turn off the power

Return Equipment

Once in stow mode, pack everything in the Starlink case (dish, router, ethernet cable, and power cord). Seal every corner of the box using duct tape. 

You should receive a return label email after canceling the service. Print and place the return label on the box, then drop it off at any DHL or FedEx mail carrier location.

How To Cancel Service

Unlike most internet services, Starlink service subscriptions don’t come with contracts. So you can cancel anytime without worrying about fees or fines. And you need to cancel the Starlink services to get the cancellation email with the return label.

Remember, you can use a trial subscription to try Starlink. But you must cancel it at least 24 hours before the trial subscription period ends to avoid getting charged to your account.

There are four ways to make this cancellation, which depend on how you made the payment. They include:

Canceling on Android

Launch the Play Store app if you subscribed to the satellite internet provider via the Google Play Store. Go to the menu, tap “Payments & Subscriptions,” then hit the subscriptions menu.

Pick “Starlink Subscription” to cancel, choose “Cancel Subscription,” then wait for the confirmation message.

Canceling on iOS

Launch the Settings app, then go to your profile>subscriptions>AppleID. Sign in and hit the subscriptions button. Tap “Starlink Subscription,” then “Cancel.”

The circular first-generation Starlink Dishy

The circular first-generation Starlink Dishy

Canceling on Paypal

Go to Paypal and log into your account. Next, go to “Settings,” then “Payments,” and click “Manage Automatic Payments.” Search for SpaceX or Starlink, then click “Cancel Automatic Payments.”

Go to the official Starlink website and sign in. Head to the “Your Starlink” section, then pick the subscription you want to cancel. Click “Manage,” then “Cancel Service.”

When Will You Get Your Refund?

Starlink refunds take up to 10 days to process the refund to your bank account or credit card, and they will deduct the initial shipping cost.

Yes. Since you are the legal owner, you can resell the kit. However, you must meet two conditions. First, the account must be in good standing and paid in full. Second, the person you are selling to must be in the same service address or an area with network availability. Also, Starlink must manually approve service transfers.

A motorhome with a satellite dish mounted on the rooftop

A motorhome with a satellite dish mounted on the rooftop

This control helps prevent people in waitlisted areas from bypassing their priority position because they might not get reliable high-speed internet where Starlink is at capacity.


In conclusion, the Starlink return policy is quite straightforward, but the legal document can be difficult to understand. We have simplified it for you above, and you should go through it before making an order or placing a deposit. Also, take some time to read the terms of service before signing up. If you still need further clarification, contact us or leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you asap.

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