Best Beginner Drone with Camera and GPS

Best beginner drone with a camera and GPS; Gone are the days when the military and police strictly used drones for surveillance. Nowadays, they have found applications in photography, delivery service, and traffic monitoring. Anyone can walk into a shop and purchase a drone for personal use. 

However, not every drone you come across can serve your purpose, especially if you’re a beginner. For instance, not all drones have GPS. 

So whether you want to take your photography to a new level or want a drone for personal use, we have got you covered. 

Read on to find the best flying camera with GPS. 

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DJI Mini 2 Drone

A mini 2 drone

(A mini 2 drone)

The DJI Mini 2 drone is the easiest drone to fly on our list. Well, the device is ultra-light, weighing below 249g. Also, it is foldable, thus improving portability. 

With its 12MP camera, you can take clear and impressive photos as high as 4,000 meters above the ground. Additionally, you can take high-definition 4K videos

Furthermore, it has anti-interference features that can resist wind speeds of about 38 kph. And after taking photos, you can directly add soundtracks and filters. 


  • It features anti-resistance capabilities.
  • The drone is portable and lightweight, weighing below 249g
  • Allows you to add soundtracks and filters


  • No collision prevention features

4DF4 GPS Drones

Shooting a video with a drone

(Shooting a video with a drone)

Firstly, the 4DF4 drone has an anti-shake feature to enable professional shoots. And to ensure you never lose it during use, it comes with a GPS-assisted intelligent flight. The feature enables the drone to return automatically anytime the battery gets low. 

Secondly, the drone can follow a customized route. So you’ll have more time to focus on your surveillance or producing quality shoots. 

Additionally, it has two intelligent batteries that last for 52 minutes. Furthermore, the drone can withstand high wind speeds, thus allowing you to manage stable photos in harsh weather. 

Finally, you can adjust the lens to 90° to take photos or videos at different angles. 


  • A durable battery that lasts 52 minutes during the flight
  • Has a GPS-assisted intelligent feature to ensure you never lose your device
  • Adjustable lens


  • Sometimes, the camera tilt doesn’t respond to the control

SYMA X500 4K Drone

Syma drone ready to fly

(Syma drone ready to fly)

The SYMA X500 drone has an even better battery life of 56 minutes. And with just 250g, you’ll find this GPS drone light and easy to operate. We guarantee that its 4K ultra-HD camera will make your photos top-notch. 

What’s more, they come with wide-angle lenses. The gimbal can move 90° vertically to capture more areas. Furthermore, there is a photo and record button which enables your drone to go up to a height of 10000 feet high. Also, you’ll get an eco-friendly remote control to operate the drone from the ground. 


  • Has an eco-friendly remote control
  • It has wide-angle lenses
  • The battery will sustain flight for 56 minutes
  • The drone has a 4K ultra-HD camera.


  • Sometimes, the auto-return features fail to work.


What stands out for the TENSSENX GPS drone is its 5G image transmission feature. You can transmit images up to a distance of 958 ft. 

Although its 1080P HD camera is not comparable to 4K HD cameras, it complements it with 120° wide-angle lenses. This enables you to take photos from all angles. 

In addition, you’ll love its intelligent flight experience. You need to set the flight path, and the drone will follow you automatically. 

Furthermore, optical flow positioning and headless mode improve the flying experience. Don’t entertain second thoughts about taking this drone home. 


  • Has 120° wide-angle lenses to help you take photos from all angles
  • It has an intelligent flight feature
  • Allows image transmission via 5G


  • Battery lasts for only 26 minutes

LAVENDER 3937ft Long Range Drone

The LARVENDER 3937ft Drone will impress you with 360° laser sensing obstacle avoidance. With this feature, the drone stops after detecting an obstacle. However, you can only enjoy the feature on a low-speed flight. 

Also, the drone has a 4K adjustable camera that can capture quality videos and photos at any view. Don’t worry about operating this drone since it only has a single landing and take-off feature to stop and start it. 


  • Easy to operate
  • Has a 360° laser sensing obstacle avoidance feature
  • The camera can take 4K HD photos


  • The drone requires registration before use

Features of A Good Drone

Engineer using a drone to observe

(Engineer using a drone to observe)

You can only get a good drone if you know what you need it for beforehand. Well, check out the features to consider:

Brushless Motors

Generally, brushless motors rotate by electromagnetic induction, thus limiting wear and tear. Consequently, they offer a longer life and high efficiency. 

Battery Life

The battery life determines how long the drone stays in the air. Consider drones that guarantee a battery life of at least 30 minutes. However, we recommend that you carry a spare battery to avoid disappointment. 


First, ensure the camera has a high-definition camera to capture clear photos or videos. Second, it should capture quality images regardless of weather patterns or the time of the day. Finally, having a wide-angle lens will help you capture a larger view. 

Follow-me Mode

This mode allows your device to follow a pre-set route. Therefore, you’ll have enough free time to take quality photos. 

Obstacle Avoidance

This feature is available mostly for expensive drones. It enables a drone to detect obstacles such as trees or buildings and avoid them. Here, we recommend checking online reviews to make a sober buying decision. 


A good drone should fly very far without losing control. Generally, the high the drone is, the larger the area you can capture. Also, flying a drone higher prevents interference from people or structures. 


This feature helps your device to remain steady even in high-speed winds or altitudes. However, since most beginner drones fly at low altitudes, they lack this feature. 


Why Buy A Drone with a Camera and GPS?

Buying a GPS drone will help you take photos and locate the device relative to orbiting satellites. This way, you can perform functions like autonomous flight and waypoint navigation.

Must I get a license to fly a drone?

Most jurisdictions require that you get a license to fly a drone. Check for guidelines within your jurisdiction before you fly your drone. 

How expensive are drones?

The drone price varies from $50 to $10000. On average, you can get a good beginner drone for as little as $90. However, for professional-level drones, you must have over $3000. Generally, the price varies with the drone’s features. 

How long can you fly a drone?

How long you can fly your drone depends on its battery life. Generally, most drones can fly continuously for at least 30 minutes. Some, like the 4DF4 drone, surprisingly take 52 minutes in the air. 


In conclusion, beginners should know what they need a drone for before purchasing it. We know that a drone might have a feature that supports photography but fails regarding surveillance. But generally, getting a drone that encompasses all the features we have mentioned above is a good starting point.

Whether you need a photography, surveillance, or delivery service drone, the above options have covered you.

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