The Best Android Hiking GPS Apps

About Android Hiking GPS Apps, Gone are the days when people would use their free time watching a movie indoors. Nowadays, people prefer going out for a hike. This is not only a good opportunity to interact with nature but also to exercise. 

However, it’s sometimes challenging to hike in new areas. Hiring a guide is an added expense that many people try to avoid. In such a case, having a GPS app on your android phone can help you. Perhaps it’s time you understand that your phone can do more than take photos on a hike. 

Therefore, download the following applications for a better hiking experience. 

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AllTrails on a phone

(AllTrails on a phone)

Without question, AllTrails is among the most used hiking apps. It has over 10 million downloads on Google Play. Besides being easy to use, the app allows you to plan your hike. 

With AllTrails, you can search hikes based on route, length, and difficulty level. Additionally, you can search depending on tags such as wildflowers and dog-friendly. Also, you can get an estimate of how long your hike will take from the app. 

And if you like, you can record your hike. Furthermore, it comes with a GPS that helps you track your route. 

Even if you own the latest iPhone 14, AllTrails has an iOS version. The app is available for free on App Store and Play Store. However, you can upgrade to a Pro version at a fee. With the Pro version, you can download and access 3D maps offline. 

Gaia GPS

Photo of Gaia GPS app

(Photo of Gaia GPS app)

Gaia GPS is another top hiking app that lets you do everything during your navigation. With the app, you can record your hike or identify new trails. Additionally, it gives you weather-related information to decide when to hike. 

Furthermore, you can download the free version if you’re a starter. And if you like it, you can upgrade to a paid version. Here, you’ll unlock offline maps. This enables you to navigate without an internet connection. 

Google Maps

A person using Google Maps

(A person using Google Maps)

Google Maps is undoubtedly the most popular hiking app on Google Play. Most Android phones come with pre-installed Google Maps. On Google Play, the app has over 10 billion downloads. 

You can download maps offline to use them on your trail for hiking purposes. This way, you can rely on GPS to navigate through your hike. 

Finally, the app is purely free. Also, they have an iOS version. 

Hiking Project

This application has most functionalities similar to AllTrails. The app allows you to search for hikes based on hike features, regions, or points of interest. However, most hikes on the app are in Canada and the USA. 

Additionally, the app allows you to view a detailed hike description. You can check user reviews on specific hikes to determine the best hiking destinations.


If your priority is safety, Cairn offers the best solution. This app automatically alerts your safety circle if you delay returning home. Therefore, your safety circle knows where you’re going and when you expect to return. 

However, you must pay extra for the safety feature to work. Also, like most hiking apps, you can download maps for offline use. 

Why Use Hiking Apps?

Hikers using a GPS app

(Hikers using a GPS app)

Why would you download a hiking app? Well, check out why:

What would you do when you find yourself in a thick forest? Without a reliable guide, you might spend hours trying to find your way out. But with a hiking app, you can navigate and find the right direction. In such cases, download an offline map. 


With a hiking app, it becomes easier to identify hikes. Therefore, you can travel and explore new destinations. 

Performance Tracking

Assume you’re just from having your best hiking experience but didn’t carry your phone. How will you convince your friends or family to try the same? You can only tell stories without evidence.

But with a hiking app, you can share your hiking experience and performance with them. 


Hiking apps present learning opportunities every time you use them. You’ll interact with new animals, plants, and places. 

Selecting The Best Android Hiking App

Choosing a reliable hiking app requires research and patience. A good app should include a GPS tracking feature. Also, the app should have the option of downloading offline maps. You can use the app even in places without internet access.

Additionally, the app should provide extra information. This includes weather related-information to help you make informed hike decisions. Lastly, it should be easy to use. 


Is a GPS hiking app worth it?

Yes! Having a hiking app helps you track your hiking progress. With it, you can navigate to any location without problems. Also, you can share your hiking experience with friends. 

Can you use Google Maps for hiking?

Yes! Google Maps is great for hiking and navigation. Also, you can use it to plan your hike. Luckily, the app is free to download and use. 


With the hundreds of quality hiking apps available on Google Play, hiking blindly is not an option. Therefore, download any hiking apps above on your smartphone and plan your hike. With a hiking app, you can track your hiking progress and navigate new destinations without problems. 

Remember, the best hiking app must have GPS tracking features. Also, it should allow you to download offline maps. 

What are you waiting for? Download your favorite app and explore the world.

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