GPS Jammers – All You Need to Know

About GPS jammers, GPS has become a part of our day-to-day lives. GPS-enabled products are everywhere, from our maps and apps to cell phones and smartwatches. But what if you don’t want to be tracked everywhere you go?

GPS jammers are simple tools that can prevent GPS trackers from working correctly. However, they can also have negative consequences. 

If you’re new to GPS equipment and are curious about how jammers work, read on to find out all there is to know about these devices. 

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A GPS jammer is a type of device that interferes with communication between GPS satellites and a receiver on Earth. The receiver could be a GPS tracker, a sat-nav system, a GPS-enabled cell phone, etc. 

GPS jamming is intentional. It works to disrupt signals using a small device. A GPS jammer prevents a receiver from transmitting radio signals from satellites orbiting Earth. 

When a jammer works, it can block GPS signals from as little as 10 meters away up to many kilometers away. The effectiveness depends on the power of the device.

GPS jammers are illegal. They can cause dangerous disruption to aviation and other land transport, such as road users. 

Who Uses GPS Jammers and Why?

Map of streets and trucks

Criminals commonly use GPS jammers, although people may also use them for other trivial reasons. 

They are often used by car thieves who want to avoid detection after stealing a vehicle. Many high-value cars have GPS trackers built into them. By using a jammer, a thief can hide their location from authorities. 

Sometimes hijackers use GPS jammers to stop the driver from rescuing and prevent the fleet owner from noticing route changes. However, some commercial drivers also use GPS jammers to hide their movements and driving speed from their employers. 

Civilians may also use GPS jammers to prevent their partners from tracking their movements if they’re up to no good. 

How Does GPS Jamming Work?

GPS receivers must get a signal from at least 4 satellites to determine a location. These GPS satellites orbit the Earth 12,000 miles above the ground. Therefore, the signals they send out are not particularly powerful. 

Because the satellite signals are rather weak, a low-powered GPS jammer can drown them out by broadcasting a signal on the same frequency. This confuses nearby GPS receivers and makes it impossible for receivers to work out the location. 

How to Jam GPS Tracker?

Woman looking at phone

Woman looking at the phone

Although illegal, it’s quite easy to jam a GPS tracker. You can make your jammer by wrapping the receiver in electrically conductive metal. This reflects satellite signals and disrupts its operation. Aluminum foil works well, but silver and copper are also effective. 

GPS Jammer for Sale

GPS jammers for sale are easy to find on the internet. However, not all of them are effective. If you wish to buy a GPS jammer, do your research first and go with a respected manufacturer. 

Car GPS Jammer

Car 12V socket

Car 12V socket

GPS jammers for cars are usually very small devices. They plug into the 12V cigarette lighter socket. Once inserted, they broadcast signal to noise on the same frequency as the GPS satellite system, which confuses built-in GPS receivers and shields your precise location against tracking. 


When Might A GPS Jammer not Work?

Every GPS jammer is different, but most simple jammers are only effective on the GPS (Navstar) GNSS network frequency. Therefore, other satellite navigation systems that can use the EU Galileo network and Russia’s GLONASS network will still be able to function. 

Some high-spec vehicle trackers also use cell phone networks to triangulate a position. This service will still operate even if you use a GPS jammer. Some trackers connect to a vehicle’s power supply and send cell phone network location updates several times a minute. A GPS jammer alone will not prevent this. 

Do Cell Phone Jammers Block GPS?

Cell phone jammers block the transmission or reception of cell phone signals. They work similarly to GPS jammers by emitting interference on the same frequency range as cell phones. This causes a complete loss of signal or reduced signal quality. 

They do not block GPS signals from satellites, but using a GPS and cell phone jammer together will block both signals and mask your location. 

Where Can I Buy a GPS Jammer?

You can buy a GPS jammer online via many manufacturers and marketplaces. It is not illegal to buy or own a GPS jammer, but in many countries, it is illegal to use them. 

Can I Detect a GPS Jammer?

Nowadays, some high-spec GPS devices contain “anti-jamming” technology. This technology detects interfering signals that come from GPS jammers. 

If a jamming signal is present, this technology is programmed to turn off a vehicle or send an alert to notify the user they are being jammed. 

GPS jammer detectors essentially work the same way as GPS receivers. They detect a GPS signal but can recognize if it has higher power than a real satellite signal.


Man sitting in the car and holding a phone

A man is sitting in the car and holding a phone.

GPS jammers are illegal to use in many countries, but even so, it is easy to make or purchase them. These small devices cause dangerous disruption to transport systems if used irresponsibly.  

They emit signals at the same frequency as those sent out by satellites. The signals confuse GPS receivers, preventing them from pinpointing your location. Many people use them to disguise their movements for criminal or personal reasons. 

If you worry about being tracked and wish to hide your location, a GPS jammer is the simplest solution. 

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