Understanding Truck Bed CB Antenna Mount

Welcome to our truck bed CB antenna mount guide that helps you get entertained while on a journey. 

Generally, Citizen Band (CB) antennas are among the most popular option for off-roaders and truckers who wish to have access to television, GPS, WiFi, or cellular services while traveling. 

However, for any effective and optimal CB antenna performance, you must mount it strategically.

 One most notable options would be the truck bed mount, which offers protection from low-hanging obstacles, is easy to install, and provides better signal propagation. 

This guide helps you understand the truck bed CB antenna mount, focusing on the installation steps and benefits. Let’s get rolling!

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Is It Advisable To Mount A CB Antenna In The Truck Bed?

Most experts and antenna manufacturers are against installing the devices in the truck bed since it greatly reduces performance. 

Having an antenna in the truck exposes it to obstruction with no clear line of sight to the transmitting tower. 

Moreover, the truck bed is covered with a metal structure that potentially reflects signals and limits them from reaching the antenna.

 Therefore, professionals recommend installing the antenna in any external space, including the roof, which provides a clear line of sight. 

Steps To Mount A CB Antenna in The Truck Bed

A user installing an antenna

(A user installing an antenna)

Installing A CB antenna in the truck bed is simple if you know what you are doing. But first, you will need the following tools:

  • A coaxial cable with the relevant connectors
  • A CB antenna (could be sturdy or magnet mount)
  • A drill and drill bits
  • Electrical tape
  • Cable ties and mounts
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Grounding block and wire (optional)

Next, follow the below steps to install your antenna:

Choose and Prepare The Mounting Location

By now, we assume you already have a reliable CB antenna and the other tools/equipment. 

Therefore, you can choose an appropriate mounting location in the truck bed. Target a location with zero obstruction and a clear line of sight.

Moreover, clean the mounting location to remove any dirt interfering with antenna adherence and stability. 

Attach The Mount

Although most antennas come with a mount, there are situations when you will have to install a separate stud mount. 

Drill the truck bed using a drill and attach the mount using screws.

Ensure it is firm enough so the antenna remains in position (stable) for a long time without coming off. 

Install The Antenna

An antenna on the roof of a vehicle

(An antenna on the roof of a vehicle)

If you settled on installing a magnet mount antenna, simply attach it to the mount. 

On the other hand, follow the user manual to attach any other antenna type on the mount.

 Installation guidelines require the antenna to be firm and upright for optimal signal reception. 

Connecting The Coaxial Cable

To ensure the captured signals move from the antenna in the truck bed to the decoding device, you must connect a coaxial cable.

 The decoding device could be a television or radio device in your truck that converts signals into various outputs like pictures and sound that anyone can relate to. 

Link one end of the cable using connectors to the antenna and the other end to the decoding device. 

Generally, connectors ensure a secure connection, while electrical tape keeps the cable in place and prevents it from hanging. 

If necessary, connect a grounding wire to the antenna and link it to the relevant grounding point on the truck. 

Benefits of Mounting A CB Antenna in The Truck Bed

SWR meter critical for CB antennas

(SWR meter critical for CB antennas)

Why would you mount your CB antenna in the truck bed and not in any other location on your truck? 

This section answers why:

Protection Against Low-hanging Objects

One of the main drawbacks of installing an antenna on the truck roof is the possibility of damage from low-hanging obstructions like trees. 

However, this is not the case with truck bed installation since everything is under the truck. 

Therefore, damage risks reduce significantly, thus eliminating cases of signal disruption. 

Easy Installation

Unlike installing an antenna external in areas like the roof, you will find it quicker and easier to install the antenna on the truck bed. 

Generally, you don’t require complex tools and equipment like ladders to complete these installations. 

Moreover, truck bed installations will serve you well if you don’t intend to create holes in your truck’s exterior surface. 

Clean Look

Installing an antenna in the truck bed hides the devices, making them invisible to people. 

As a result, the truck maintains an uncluttered appearance, making it streamlined and neat. 

Limited Theft Cases

An external antenna of the roof or any other truck surface is very visible and may be exposed to theft cases.

 We can’t say the same with installation in the truck bed since we hide everything from potential thieves. 

Better Signal Reception Than Indoor Antennas

A moving truck with antennas

(A moving truck with antennas)

We all know how inefficient an indoor antenna is, especially when the effects of external obstructions add to it. 

Generally, an indoor truck antenna faces obstructions from the truck’s metal surfaces, thus reducing the signal reception. 

However, installing an antenna in the truck bed, although not as efficient as external installation, provides better performance than indoor installation. 


How should you mount a CB antenna?

Mounting a CB antenna is a simple process you can easily achieve with the right tools and equipment.

But first, clean the installation surface to ensure it has no dirt to affect the overall adhesion.

 Your antenna should have a high reception, even in poor weather or some obstruction. 

And most importantly, mount the antenna to have a clear line of sight to capture maximum signals from the transmitter. 

Do you need to ground a CB antenna?

Yes! There is a need to ground your CB antenna for safety purposes and to increase the antenna’s overall performance. 

Generally, grounding will discharge electrical buildups, consequently limiting static discharge and potential antenna damage in the presence of a storm. 

Moreover, ground on a CB antenna offers a stable reference point, automatically improving antenna performance. 

In the case of a truck, ground the antenna on the chassis or its specific grounding point. 

Does the height of a CB antenna matter?

Yes! The height of an antenna contributes highly to its overall performance. 

Generally, a higher antenna improves the signal reception and communication range by having a clear line of sight and less obstruction. 

And less obstruction means the CB antenna can capture signals from far distances and keep its strength intact. 

Most manufacturers and professionals install antennas on roofs to increase the overall height, thus enhancing performance. 

However, local regulations provide clear guidelines on the appropriate height you can install your antenna to balance safety and height. 

Final Remarks

Many off-road truckers now mount truck bed CB antennas as an alternative to external mounting. 

This solution proves better than indoor mounting since it exposes the antenna directly to the transmitter with less obstruction. 

Moreover, installing the antenna under the truck bed means hiding the devices from potential thieves, thus achieving reliable long-term performance. 

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