How to Get Starlink Faster

So you’ve confirmed that Starlink is available near you, and you’re eager. But due to ever-increasing demand, you may end up on a waitlist. How long does it take to get Starlink after placing an order? And if there’s a waitlist, how can you beat it? Read on to find answers to these questions and more on how to get Starlink faster.

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How Long is the Waitlist for Starlink?

Just link is available in your area does not mean you can’t end up on the waitlist. And if you’re wondering how long is Starlink waiting list, we can’t say. Unfortunately, the number is not available. 

However, we know that although production issues of the satellite dishes caused delays, it’s no longer a problem. Ground station capacity and satellite capacity in orbit are the only factors limiting slot availability, which tells us that the waitlist is much shorter than before.

Image of satellites in orbit

Image of satellites in orbit

Thankfully, Starlink has an availability map where you can get an estimate of the wait time for your region. SimpEnterr address in the search box and hover over the area to see the displayed date.

Thankfully, this information is available whether or not you’ve pre-ordered. However, while the map provides an estimate of the year, a customer who has pre-ordered gets the actual quarter or month displayed on their account dashboard.

Starlink processes orders from Monday through Friday. But exactly how long does it take to get Starlink after ordering? Usually, after placing an order, it takes three days before shipping. And you’re notified via email immediately after the order leaves the warehouse.

Image of an email notification

Image of an email notification

If there’s no slot available upon registering, you get the option of paying a deposit of $99.99, and then you have to wait. After you pay a deposit, it takes weeks or months to get Starlink. However, if you successfully register fully, you pay the fee of $599.99, and within a week, the kit gets delivered to you. 

Virtually anyone can order for Starlink RV. And it has no waitlist as it works in waitlisted areas.

But there’s a caveat. It costs $25 more than the $110 monthly subscription fee for residential use. Also, when there’s network congestion, RV users are the first to feel it, as the residential users get bandwidth priority. Therefore, you’re more likely to experience outages or sluggish speeds.

Image of a customer using RV internet

Image of a customer using RV internet

Interestingly, once you have the equipment, Starlink permits changing your address to any location where the service is available or a subscription slot opens. You’ll find it’s easier to move to other areas with coverage and even to a region where they’re not taking more orders. 

If RV does not work for you and you prefer Starlink Residential, buying a used Starlink dish is another way to skip the waitlist.

Image of Starlink dish

Image of Starlinks dish

That’s because Starlinks transfers the service to your address when you buy a used dish, whether or not Starlinks marks your region as waitlisted. Note, though, that this method is not always a guarantee.

Recently, Starlink introduced the roaming functionality (Starlink portability) that allows coverage outside your home’s service area. Interestingly, this functionality is available with the standard package at no extra cost. Further, Starlinks is rolling out this service throughout the world. 

All you need to do is find a location with coverage. Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be where you live. All you need to do is place an order using that address, but put your home address as the shipping and billing address.

Once Starlinks delivers the kit, you can set it in roaming to use in your home area. Then later, you can change your official Starlinks address to your home address. 

However, before your home address becomes the official address, you have to contend with the following inconveniences:

  • Starlinks does not guarantee where or when the roaming functionality must work. That means the service could be temporarily disabled anytime, and you still get billed. 
  • Also, if there’s any network congestion, you’re the first to take the hit as your service gets slowed down to free up capacity for users in their official service area. That means you cannot rely on the service for work or other serious activities.     


If you wonder how long it takes for Starlinks to arrive, we hope this article answers your question. The easiest way to get Starlinks faster is to purchase the RV service. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the roaming functionality, which enables you to use Starlinks outside the official service area before changing the address to your home address. 

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