Is Starlink Available in My Area: How To Find Out if It Works in Your Area

Is Starlink Available in My Area? Starlink is fast rising to become one of the world’s top companies providing internet services.

Over recent years, Starlink has expanded its customer base and geographical coverage area. 

If you are planning to join Starlink as a customer, it is essential to know the measurements the company covers. Starlink has been able to cover most areas that were previously inaccessible by most other internet providers. There are, however, some areas still not covered by Starlink.

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Starlink does not work everywhere. The company is on an expansion program, constantly launching more satellites to serve customers over a larger geographical area. The company is currently available in 32 countries across the globe, with a particular focus on selected parts of the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and South America.

Orbiting communications satellite

Orbiting communications satellite

Before you join the Starlink community, it is essential to check if the company serves your geographical area. It is all done online for your convenience. First, visit the official website at Next, put in your service address and click the order now icon. The resultant window will show if Starlink is available in your area and, if not, an estimate of when it plans to expand to the site.

Order, Business Concept

Order, Business Concept

The availability of Starlink in places that are currently not covered is subject to approval by regulatory authorities in these areas. Because of the different responses from these authorities, it might be available sooner in some areas than others. 

Starlink is currently available in the higher or northern latitudes in the United States. As the company launches more satellites, more areas will come under their coverage. By paying a deposit through the official Starlink website, you can join the waiting list if you live in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and North America.

The international telecommunication union (ITU) and international treaties require that Starlink acquire landing rights from each country’s jurisdiction to offer satellite services over any nation. This means that although Starlink has an almost worldwide reach at the 60degree latitude, it can only provide services in 36 countries and 41 markets as of the Starlink internet coverage map 2022. 

SpaceX, the satellite provider and operator for the Starlink company, formally requested approval in Canada in the year 2020. The Canadian authorities approved it in November of the same year. Two months later, SpaceX launched its satellite to cover the Canadian market and its environs in January 2021. In Japan, the mobile provider KDDI has partnered with SpaceX to provide services to their mobile customers since 2022.  Hawaiian airlines also became the first airline to provide free access to Starlink internet for its passengers from April 2022. Nigeria,  the Philippines, and Mozambique have also got on board the Starlink network. 

Although there are slightly less than 70,000 active users, more than half a million people have already signed up for Starlink internet. Since the testing or beta phase started in October 2020, the waiting list has constantly been growing.

Alpha Beta Release testing

Alpha Beta Release testing

Meanwhile, how long you wait for your area to come under coverage depends on where you live. If Starlink is already available in your country, you might have to wait only a few weeks. According to Starlink, receiving your kit in the mail should take 2 to 8 weeks. Because orders get processed on a first-come, first-served basis, it would be best if you signed up on the website and paid a deposit to join the waiting list.

Starlink is a great option for internet users who live out of the reach of cable internet. It is also a favorite among users who frequently travel from one remote area to another. 

A woman working on a laptop outdoors in a mountainous area

A woman working on a laptop outdoors in a mountainous area

The New Portability Feature

The new portability feature makes it a favorite among customers constantly on the move. This feature allows users to move their Starlink temporarily to recent locations and still receive internet services as long as the new area is under  SpaceX satellite coverage. Portability, however, attracts an additional $25 monthly fee.

The company has recently launched Starlink for RVs. A fast, reliable, and portable internet service for campers and users on the go. The RV plan will set you back $599 upfront and $135 monthly in payments, which is more expensive than another internet for RV providers. The service bills monthly, which enables users to pause and resume the service according to their travel schedules.

Recreational Vehicles RVs Overnight Alpine Camping

Recreational Vehicles RVs Overnight Alpine Camping

Starlink for RVs is, however, not available everywhere as there are still some parts that are not under coverage. Check for availability before subscribing to the service in your camping areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if My Area Is Listed as Coming Soon?

The Starlink map will show areas that are coming soon. This means that Starlink doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure or approvals for operation in this area. If you’re asking, when will Starlink be available? The company will provide an estimated date for the start of functions when you hover the pointer over the Starlink coverage map.

What if I Don’t Have an Address?

Starlink will be happy to work with a plus code if you don’t have an address. The plus code will open a map window where you can pinpoint the area where you want internet coverage.

SpaceX, the satellite provider and operator for Starlink,  has launched many satellites into earth’s orbit to provide internet services for the existing Starlink customers. Typically, SpaceX launches a satellite every week to accommodate the expanding Starlink customer base. It, however, might take a bit of time before all the satellites are operational.

Starlink has raised the bar phenomenally in the internet providers’ space. With all its innovations, it is sure to exceed your expectations. Although it is still unavailable in many parts of the world, the wait will be worth it.


Starlink has come a long way despite its relatively recent entry into the internet industry. As the company continues to expand, more areas will come under coverage. If Starlink is not available in your location yet, the wait could be just a few weeks or months. Check out our blog for more information on Starlink.

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