The Ultimate Guide To TV Antenna Installation Cost

So what is the TV antenna installation cost? Whether you wish to improve the antenna signal reception or enhance the channel options, understanding the different installation costs is important. 

Generally, the cost of installing an antenna depends on whether you do it yourself or use a professional service. 

For instance, doing it yourself could mean spending at least $20-$200 depending on the antenna features and type. 

However, a professional installation increases the installation cost to about $150-$500 or more. 

Some factors affecting the installation cost include relevant adjustments, mounting equipment, and installation complexity. 

Please sit back and let us help you understand everything about TV antenna installation costs. Read on. 

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What Is The Cost of Installing A TV Antenna?

A workman installing an antenna

(A workman installing an antenna)

You should expect to spend about $20-$200 to install an antenna, with the price changing with the antenna features and type.

 However, a DIY requires you to have some special installation effort and skills. 

But if you opt for a professional installation, expect the cost to be about $150-$500. 

The actual cost will depend on factors like the mounting equipment you use, your location, and how complex the installation is. 

Installing your antenna with a signal amplifier/booster and high-quality cables could improve performance but increase the installation cost. 

This means that installation in locations with high signal quality is cheaper since you won’t have to use boosters and amplifiers. 

Factors Affecting The TV Antenna Installation Costs

Antennas on the roof

(Antennas on the roof)

Antenna installation cost is always changing depending on different factors. 

Understanding these factors can help you budget well or implement installations that suit your purpose. 

Here are some factors that affect TV antenna installation costs. 

The Antenna Type

The market has different antennas, including directional, indoor, outdoor, and amplified antennas, each with unique features. 

Generally, the directional and amplified options, which offer excellent performance in challenging regions, are more expensive. 

This high cost translates into a higher overall installation cost. 


Since the urban area has a strong signal presence, a simple antenna & some basic installation are enough to give you high performance. 

However, a rural setting might require a more complex and sophisticated antenna setup. 

Therefore, you must buy long-range, high-gain antennas and pay a professional to make the installation. 

DIY vs. Professional Installations

Most antennas come with installation guidelines that you can easily follow to complete your installation. 

This will save the money you’d otherwise pay labor costs for installation. 

Conversely, you can opt for a professional installation for a more efficient and proper antenna setup. 

However, this comes at the extra cost of hiring an expert electrician. 

Mounting Requirements

A digital antenna mounted on the roof

(A digital antenna mounted on the roof)

Mounting requirements mainly depend on whether you are making indoor or outdoor installations

Generally, indoor installation has little or no mounting requirements, meaning less equipment costs and no need for hiring a professional. 

However, mounting an outdoor antenna on a pole or rooftop is more complex and might require special expertise or equipment. 

As a result, the overall cost of installing an antenna in such circumstances will greatly increase. 

Labor Costs

The labor cost always varies depending on the electrician you approach. 

Some electrician charge depending on the installation time, while others consider how complex the task is. 

But generally, the installation costs will increase with the job’s complexity. 

Regulations and Permits

Some local jurisdictions require you to apply for an installation permit to comply with the installation regulation. 

Therefore, you must factor the permit cost into the antenna installation costs. 

Maintenance Costs

Most premium and highly-priced antennas require constant inspection and maintenance. 

Generally, such inspections and maintenance translate into a longer lifespan but will cost you extra money. 

Why Hire A Professional TV Antenna Installer? 

A professional installing an antenna on the rooftop

(A professional installing an antenna on the rooftop)

Although you can install your TV antenna yourself, hiring a professional installer presents the following advantages. 


Professionals have the experience and expertise to assess your location and signal strength before installing. 

They can also determine the best antenna to fit your location and purpose for optimal performance.

 However, such expertise comes at an extra cost than if you were to install everything yourself. 

Access To Specialized Equipment

Professionals have the tools and equipment like pole mounts and signal testers to support proper antenna installation.

 Such tools and equipment help fine-tune the antenna setup for optimal signal reception


Installing outdoor antennas could be dangerous, especially when climbing poles or rooftops. 

While you might face some challenges and expose yourself to accidents, professionals have the relevant safety training to mount the antenna securely. 

They can mount the antenna safely to withstand even harsh environmental conditions. 

Proper Cable Management

Professionals understand how to terminate and route coaxial cables well to avoid signal losses.

 Moreover, proper cable management guarantees a neat and visually appealing antenna setup. 

TV Antenna Installation Cost: Proper Signal Optimization

Your goal should be to install an antenna in a way that offers maximum reception. 

Generally, professional installers understand the best orientation and position for optimal signal strength. 

Moreover, they understand how to install signal boosters and amplifiers to improve signal strength. 

TV Antenna Installation Cost: Compliance with Regulations

In most regions, we have regulations guiding antenna installations.

 You might fail to understand or comply with such regulations due to a lack of experience in antenna installation. 

However, professionals install antennas regularly and always understand the regulations in different jurisdictions. 

Therefore, you can count on them regarding installing your antenna in compliance with local regulations. 

TV Antenna Installation Cost: Post-Installation Support

Most reputable installers go beyond installation to offer post-installation support. They do regular inspections or maintenance and offer warranties on antennas. 

This leaves you only to worry about your television and what you can watch. 


What is the cost of buying a TV antenna?

The TV antenna cost varies based on the antenna features, brand, and type.

 For instance, you can get a basic antenna (supporting close-range signal reception) for as low as $20-$50. Mid-range antennas are available at about $50-$100. 

However, more complex/sophisticated antennas with long-range signal reception could go as high as $200 and above. 

How Much Does a TV Aerial Cost?

A basic TV aerial could cost as low as $50. However, this doesn’t include the installation cost, which might increase depending on the installer’s experience. 

You can also come across premium and complex aerials for a higher price, especially owing to their sophisticated features. 

The overall aerial cost might depend on the available features and antenna brand/type. 

But as long as an antenna can meet your needs and provide high-quality pictures/channels, cost should not worry you. 

Can you install a TV antenna yourself?

Yes! The antenna installation process is quite straightforward as long as you understand some basic installation principles. 

Most antenna manufacturers provide installation guidelines in the user manual to help you out. 

However, having a professional handle the installation is advantageous since it means using special equipment and observing maximum safety. 

Moreover, it means proper cable signal optimization and cable management. 

Furthermore, most professional installers understand antenna installation regulations in different jurisdictions. 

Some even go to the extent of offering post-installation support to keep your antenna in optimal working condition. 


Although antenna installation is cheaper if you do it yourself, handing everything to a professional means exceptional installation with compliance with local regulations. 

Professional installation will cost more, but you’ll achieve better cable management, signal optimization, and post-installation support. 

Generally, the installation cost always varies depending on the mounting requirements, regulations/permits, antenna type/location, and whether you install yourself or involve a professional.

 We guarantee that a proper antenna installation means better performance and increased lifespan.

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