Smallest GPS Tracker: Your Buying Guide

Are you looking for the smallest GPS tracker?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will explain why you need a small GPS tracker, the 10 smallest GPS trackers available right now, and some frequently asked questions on the topic.

So read on to get all the information you need before buying your micro-GPS tracking device.

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Small GPS Tracking Devices: Why Do You Need Them?

With small GPS trackers, keeping tabs on your assets and family members is easier than ever. With their lightweight design, customizability options, useful features, and ability to be hidden or attached to clothes or collars of kids/pets.

These mini GPS trackers are great for monitoring the ones you love!

Anti-lost key finder

Anti-lost key finder

The 10 Best Smallest GPS Trackers

Cube Tracker

With Cube Tracker, you can always be in the know! This small and lightweight device works with an app to track items in real-time tracking and set geofence zones that send alerts when entering or exiting a specified area. Plus, it even comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.


1- At only 1lb, this product is highly portable.

2- It has a comprehensive lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

3- With a battery life of up to 8 hours, you can use it for extended periods.


1- The square design may not be attractive to everyone; however, it offers increased stability and durability compared to more rounded shapes.

Small GPS tracker for cat

Small GPS tracker for cat

Jiobit Smart Tag

Jiobit’s Smart Tag is the perfect GPS tracker for young children. With an easily attachable belt or accessory and a charging cradle, you can rest assured that your child will always be safe and connected. Plus, one low monthly subscription ($8.99 – $14.99) provides unlimited uses of features such as real-time location tracking, navigational directions (with geofence locations), 30-day location history, and alerts via push notifications, SMS messages, or email.


1- The ability to monitor children’s locations in real-time.

2- A monitoring device specifically designed for children, pets, and the elderly.


1- A monthly subscription fee to use the service may hurt some family budgets.

Tracki 2022 Model 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker

The Tracki Mini GPS Tracker is ideal for locating loved ones. This tiny, lightweight tracker monitors youngsters, pets, elderly persons, and cars in real time. Its weatherproof magnetic enclosure lets it track indoors or outdoors in any weather.

You only need a small cost for limitless long-distance monitoring in the US and worldwide.


1- Quick and simple to set up with a pre-installed SIM card.

2- Accessible from mobile devices and web browsers, allowing for efficient real-time monitoring.

3- Ability to track personal items in any location around the globe.

4- Choice of customizable frequency settings, ranging from once per minute to every two hours.

5- Battery Saver mode that checks up to four times daily, helping to conserve energy.


1- It requires expensive monthly subscription fees for use.

2- Low power capacity can be an issue if not managed correctly.

A small GPS tracker on a pet collar

A small GPS tracker on a pet collar

AngelSense- Best Affordable Tracker

AngelSense gives ASD patients and their families peace of mind. Affordable, secure, custom-made wearables with 2-way voice communication, geofencing, and alarms. This GPS tracker follows school rules and assures safety in busy areas, providing carers peace of mind that their loved ones are always safe.


1- Outdoor tracking

2- Accurate location tracking

3- Reasonably priced monthly subscription fee.


1- Limited hours of battery life

Tile Mate (2020) Bluetooth Tracker

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker is ideal for item tracking! A smartphone, Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Xfinity can track this device. With its free location feature and optional premium plan, you’ll always know where your things are.


1- No need to worry about charging as it has an extended battery life of up to three years.

2- Not dependent on cellular network connection – works with WiFi, Xfinity, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri.

3- Reasonably priced monthly subscription fee.


1- Coverage is limited, so check that it is available in your area before subscribing.

2- Bluetooth must be on at all times for the device to work effectively and efficiently.

Apple AirTag

Apple’s AirTags are a great method to track your belongings with no monthly subscription and a one-year battery life! For easy tracking, attach them to clothing, accessories, or pockets. Their range is excellent, and the Find My Network requires an Apple device and internet connection to share location information. Though not designed for child or pet monitoring, these gadgets function effectively.


1- Low cost enables accessibility even to those on a budget.

2- With its long-lasting battery, you can use the device without needing frequent recharging or replacement of the battery.


1- Compatible with Apple products only, leaving out non-Apple users from benefiting from it.

2- Issues have been reported about Apple’s Find My network, leading to concerns about its reliability.

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker uses 4G LTE and GPS. It provides real-time monitoring through an app or website with speed, geofence, and battery alarms. This cutting-edge tracker has a 3-week battery life and recharges in under 4 hours.


1- Rapid recharging of the battery in under four hours.

2- Extended battery life is beyond average expectations.

3- User-friendly setup process with SIM card included in the delivery.

4- The device boasts robust performance in extreme weather conditions.


1- Monthly subscription plans to access the GPS feature are expensive, limiting affordability for many users.

2- The tracking function has experienced some accuracy issues, leading to discrepancies that can hinder user satisfaction.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

Invoxia’s USB-sized Cellular GPS Tracker with LTE and GPS connectivity is innovative. Battery lasts 4 months. The Android or iOS app allows you to set alerts when your tracker enters or leaves a location. Location updates assure timely communication.


1- Receive notifications based on geographical location.

2- Set up customized alerts.


1- Regular use of the application will cause a decrease in battery life, potentially leading to shorter usage periods between charges.

GPS Tracker-Optimus (Real-Time GPS Tracker)

Optimus GPS Tracker allows you to access real-time location information on the Google Maps website with an intuitive monthly plan. With this robust system, you can monitor your vehicles and family members and offer safety measures such as alerts for leaving or entering areas, speeding notifications, and low battery warnings. In emergencies, the device comes with a handy SOS button that quickly sends out distress signals.


1- The strong Neodymium magnets attach the tracker firmly to any metal surface.

2- This tracker can update as often as every ten seconds.

3- Real time updates are instantly delivered through push notifications.

4- Users can tailor their alerts and notifications to suit their needs.

5- It supports both mobile and PC devices.


1- GPS plans may be expensive for some users.

2- The coverage of this tracker is limited to the US and Canada, so people outside these two countries cannot access its services.

Smart GPS tracker device

Smart GPS tracker device

Garmin Bounce

Garmin’s Bounce is the perfect wristwatch for kids, offering parents real-time location tracking, communication, health and sleep analytics, games, and more. The software lets parents track their kids and receive notifications when they leave preapproved regions. You can text and call up to 20 parent-approved contacts with $10/month LTE connectivity.


1- Bright and vibrant color touchscreen display.

2- Reasonably priced monthly subscription fee.

3- Abundance of useful features and tracking capabilities.


1- Subpar battery life, requiring frequent charging for optimal performance.

A small GPS tracker for kids

A small GPS tracker for kids


What’s the smallest GPS tracker that you can buy?

At a light 2.5 gm, the Micro Hornet by Origin GPS reigns supreme in miniaturization as the smallest GPS tracker on today’s market.

How can compact GPS trackers get?

If you’re worried about the safety of your belongings, the 0.4×0.4×0.2 inch GPS tracker is an ideal choice! Its tiny size allows it to monitor almost any item discreetly and gives you peace of mind that your valuables are secure.

Where could I use a mini-GPS tracker?

Mini-GPS trackers are ideal for monitoring children, animals, and other objects such as bags, laptops, wheelchairs, or bicycles. With their miniature size comes increased flexibility which is extremely advantageous in many situations.

GPS tracker on bike

GPS tracker on bike

How long will a tiny GPS tracker work?

On average, GPS trackers can last up to two weeks with active tracking and a whopping 6 months in sleep mode. Additionally, decreasing the update frequency of your tracker will extend its battery life even further!

How accurate are small GPS trackers?

Generally, GPS trackers can locate you within 0.3 meters of accuracy – this is the standard for most devices. Additionally, size has no bearing on how accurate they can be.

How to choose the best small GPS tracker device?

When selecting the most suitable small GPS tracker device, be certain to take several important factors into account.

Opt for reliable battery life, the size that suits your needs, excellent connectivity options, and prices with low monthly subscription fees.

Moreover, if necessary, search for geofencing capabilities, smart alerts, and additional features.

Is there a monthly fee to use a GPS tracker?

Accurate location updates using GPS tracking require an ongoing subscription fee since service providers must access satellites to provide such a function.


Small GPS trackers offer many features and benefits that make them an attractive option for many people.

If you’re considering purchasing a small GPS tracker, this guide can help you choose the best one. Remember the factors that will affect your decision, such as accuracy, battery life, size, and price.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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