WOW Equipment Return- What to do when returning WOW Equipment

The WOW equipment return process is simple. But what are some of the circumstances that compel you to return their piece of equipment?

Also, must you pay an equipment fee when registering or discontinuing their service? 

The cable company is a front provider of internet service to many homes in the US.

Hence, our article will focus on wow equipment return and other important details of the internet provider’s equipment. 

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How good is WOW Internet?

A LAN network connection ethernet cable.

A LAN network connection ethernet cable.

Wow is not a horrific company regarding its quality of service, internet plans, and terms of operation.

It is a dependable cable services company with a presence in the midwest US and the southern part of the country. 

One of the upsides of subscribing to Wow is that you’ll be assured of reliable service.

Also, the cable provider does not require you to enter into a contract for the internet with the company for access to their services. 

Also, in addition to giving you free cable modem equipment (on hire terms), Wow guarantees fast actual internet speeds at a low cost.

It also offers fiber internet service via its hybrid fiber-coaxial cables meaning that you’re assured of high download speeds at most times. 

Do you need to Buy or Lease WOW Equipment?

Optical Fiber Cable with binary cords. 

Optical Fiber Cable with binary cords. 

As mentioned, WOW doesn’t ask you to sign a contract with binding terms to access their demand service.

The agent will give you the option of either buying or leasing the Wow equipment. Now here’s the catch.

If you rent the customer equipment, you will pay $14 monthly for the modem. 

You’ll also need to shoulder other costs, such as the base and the beacon fee. So, if you’re keen on cutting costs, we advise buying a Wow-compatible modem.  

When To Return Wow Equipment?

Given the upsides of Wow internet, which we covered in the previous section, why would you cut their service? Let’s find out below. 

Equipment with Defects

Disconnecting a network cable to a router. 

Disconnecting a network cable to a router. 

Is your Wow equipment broken or giving horrible service? Then you can return it to the company for further action.

After receiving the equipment, Wow will scrutinize its main issues, repair it if necessary, and return it. 

If the company deems the problem a technical issue beyond your control, they’ll repair it at their costs.

But, if an evaluation reveals that the equipment is beyond repair, Wow will send you a replacement. 

The terms equipment for return terms is that you must submit it within 30 days from the date of buying it.

After Canceling Your Service

Service termination. 

Service termination. 

Wow also requires you to return the connectivity equipment if you discontinue the company’s services.

Hence, to avoid incurring bills for equipment after switching to another ISP, it’s imperative to return it within the shortest time possible. 

After Relocating to A Location without WOW

Wow does not want to see you leave. Hence, the phone service company advises you to ask for relocation if you are moving to a new state as long as their services are available there. 

Luckily, Wow service is available in up to nine states. However, if you move to a new place without coverage, you should return your Wow equipment.

Unreturned equipment may attract continued billing, so we advise you to return it promptly. 

How to Return WOW Equipment

Network cables on a switch. 

Network cables on a switch. 

Here are the main steps you should follow when returning your WOW equipment. 

Deactivate your Subscription

First, you need to opt out of WOW internet services. It is primarily through giving the company a service call via the number 1-877-668-3969.

It would be best to inform them that you’d like to terminate your service, and they’ll initiate the process. 

But you don’t want to return the components while still logged onto their systems. Hence, clear all the data at this stage via the factory reset option. 

Assemble the Equipment for Shipping

Network cables. 

Network cables. 

After canceling the service, the next step is preparing the equipment for dropping at WOW collection centers.

Thus, you’ll need to assemble the cable card, modem, cables, and other accessories in a good box. 

Notably, WOW may fine you if the equipment is damaged during transportation to the collection center.

Therefore, securing the package using masking tape around the box is imperative.

Take the Equipment to the Drop-Off Center

A Customer service agent. 

A Customer service agent. 

WOW has about 20 centers in the nine states where the company offers its services in the US. Hence, take the equipment to any of the centers. 

Is WOW Internet in my area?

WOW, the Internet is available in nine states, and plans are to introduce it to other areas. Check out the table below on where to find WOW Internet. 

StateAvailability StatusLocations
South CarolinaAvailableSummerville, Charleston
South CarolinaComing SoonGreenville
GeorgiaAvailableFort Gordon, Augusta, Newnan, Columbus
FloridaAvailablePanama City, Central Florida, Pinellas
IllinoisAvailableChicagoland, Chicago
MichiganAvailableSterling Heights, Dearborn, Warren
AlabamaAvailableHeadland, Valley, Auburn, Montgomery, Dothan
OhioAvailableColumbus, Cleveland

FAQS: WOW Equipment Return

What is the penalty if I don’t return WOW Equipment?

If you don’t return your equipment after service termination, you will be fined an amount equivalent to the equipment cost. 

Can you Cancel Your WOW Service Online?

It is possible to terminate your WOW service from the online portal.

All you need is to log into your account and request to communicate with a customer service agent.

Inform the representative of your request to terminate their service, and they’ll guide you on further steps. 

Is there a WOW Cancellation Fee?

There’s no termination fee for canceling your WOW service. 

Alternatives to Cancel Your WOW Subscription

You don’t have to cancel your WOW service if you’re relocating to a new area with the network’s coverage.

Hence, confirming if your new location is eligible for WOW internet is essential. 


The wow equipment return process is seamless, as highlighted above. All you need to ensure is that you return it within 30 days of service termination.

Also, there are no service cancellation fees. Nonetheless, the company will fine you if you don’t return it within these timelines.

Lastly, you don’t have to cancel your service if you’re moving to a new area with WOW internet. Give your customer location, and they’ll advise if they can relocate you. 

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