9 Places Where To Put A GPS Tracker on A Car

If you own a car, nothing guarantees its security and safety more than a GPS tracker. Generally, where to put a GPS tracker ensures that you can track and monitor your car movements in real-time. 

And if a thief steals it, you can easily track them down, repossess your car, and have them arrested.

 However, even as car tracking improves, thieves are slowly evolving with it. Most of the time, they’re aware of the tracker’s location. 

After stealing a car, it’s common for them to remove trackers to avoid being tracked. Therefore, you should put your tricker where it becomes difficult to identify. 

Below are places where to put a GPS tracker on a car. 

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Where to place a GPS tracker on a car

A GPS tracker

(A GPS tracker)

Where do GPS trackers go on cars? Well, find out below:

Glove Box

We know you’re surprised to find a Glove box on our list. Most drivers usually place items like papers in their glove boxes. Therefore, putting a tracker at the back of the compartment will conceal it from thieves. 

And even though your Glove box will be closed, a reliable tracker like the LandAirSea 2020 will still receive signals. 

Rear Window

This is among the most common places where people put GPS trackers. Just access your car’s window via the trunk. After that, place the tacker between the support frame and carpeted panel. 

Why do we choose the rear window? Well, this area is very discrete. Therefore, it’s unlikely that anyone will check it out. 

Rear and Front Bumper

Isolated Car GPS tracker

(Isolated Car GPS tracker)

We guarantee no one will think you have a tracker in the front bumper. Generally, this area hosts different wirings for light, temperature, and sensors. This makes it dangerous to install wires there yourself.

Therefore, you should involve a competent mechanic. One benefit of having the tracker here is that it’ll have a continuous power supply. 

Also, the rear bumper has wires just like the front one. Therefore, you can similarly hide your tracker between these wires. 

Engine Compartment

Man driving a car

(Man driving a car)

The engine compartment is another great place to hide your GPS tracker. We recommend having the tracker in the compartment closer to the windshield wiper motor.

And don’t worry about water interfering with the tracker since the materials around the wiper are waterproof. 

Within The Seats

You can install your tracker under or inside the seats; no one will notice it’s there. After installing the device, we recommend sewing your seats to ensure it’s hidden well.

However, please don’t install it in the middle of your seat since anyone who sits there can notice something is there. 

Under The Carpets

Many people will try to look for trackers in common places like under the seat and forget under the carpet. Therefore, take advantage of this and hide your device there. 

Under The Dashboard

Experts advise car owners to install trackers under the dashboard since they’re fully hidden. Therefore, it becomes hard to uninstall or tamper with them.

Additionally, having a tracker under the dashboard gives it a clear line of sight with the satellite. Finally, the tracker will be protected from any natural elements. 

Wheel Wells

It’s almost impossible for someone to guess that you have your tracker in the wheel well. We recommend attaching your magnetic tracker to the wheel’s metal part. 

Under The Car (Undercarriage Steel Frame)

Here we recommend using trackers with magnetic properties. This way, you can fix the magnetic trackers in the undercarriage steel frame. However, your tracker should be waterproof since the lower surface is always in contact with water. 

Tips for Placing A GPS Tracker on A Car

GPS tracking map

(GPS tracking map)

Now that we know where to put a GPS tracker, how do you ensure it’s effective? Check these tips:

  • Ensure the surface you put your tracker on is clean and flat. Whether using magnetic trackers or not, a flat surface ensures the tracker doesn’t fall off. On the other hand, a dirt surface interferes with signals. 
  • Always choose a hidden location. This way, you can track your car without the driver or a thief noticing.
  • Use a tracker with a long-lasting battery. We recommend a device with a battery life of at least 1-year. Here, the LandAirSea 54 tracker can serve you well. 
  • Involve a professional mechanic. Although you can install the tracker yourself, there are complex installations where a mechanic does better work. 


Is having a GPS tracker on your car worth it?

Yes! Having a GPS tracker will help you track your car’s movement. This means that if you have a driver, you’ll know where they’re and at what time. And in case of theft, it becomes easier to track down your car. 

Can a thief identify a car’s GPS tracker?

Nowadays, thieves are smart and know where to look for GPS trackers in a car. Additionally, they have realized they can use an RF detector to identify and remove a tracker.

Furthermore, some thieves use a signal jammer to disable a tracking device. Therefore, you need to use reliable trackers and hide them where no one can see them. 

Does where you put a GPS tracker on a car matter?

Yes! Where you put a GPS tracker will determine whether a thief can identify it with ease or not. We recommend installing your tracker in unpredictable areas. 

Where is the best location for a GPS tracker in a car?

If we’re to single out one point, we recommend placing your tracker under the seat. Very few people will think about checking this area for a tracker. Additionally, this area will still allow maximum signal reception from the satellite


Generally, having a GPS tracker on your car is a must, especially since car theft cases are rising.

However, where you place your car will determine whether you’ll track it down or monitor its movement. If you want to install a GPS tracker, do so in any area we have suggested above. 

However, the tracker will be safer under the car seat. Install a GPS tracker on your car now to keep it safe.

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