Where to Buy Starlink and What to Expect

Where to Buy Starlink? Starlink is a subsidiary of Elon Musk’s space exploration company “SpaceX.” It works through a constellation of satellites in space, which transmit data to users anywhere on earth where Starlink offers services. It’s a growing brand that’s become popular with engineers, companies, and families. 

Starlink has three tiers that they use to categorize its products. The Residential package serves home users, Starlink RV is popular with mobile homeowners, and the latest service, Starlink Business, caters to commercial enterprises. As more users join the network, many have questions, like where is Starlink currently available, and will Starlink get cheaper? You can find the answers in this article.

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Though it’s touted as a global internet service, currently, Starlink is only available in specific regions and locations. The good news is the coverage map continues to grow each quarter, proving that it’s a reliable and effective service attracting more customers. 

Starlink is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, Portugal, and Australia.

Earth hologram against a blue background

Earth hologram against a blue background

In response to current market conditions, Starlink recently reduced the cost of monthly subscriptions. Besides, users welcomed the move, with price reductions witnessed in the U.K., U.S., Mexico, Germany, and Brazil. Some users reported reductions of up to 50%.

It’s not yet known if Starlink will replace cell towers in the future, but if the company ventures into the mobile market, it’s almost sure it’ll attempt to replace them. They’re only capable of offering mobile services through satellite phones, which most users wouldn’t ditch their comfortable and much handier smartphones for. 

It would also take thousands of satellites for Starlink to achieve widespread cell coverage. Also, it’s unlikely they’ll replace cell towers soon.

Wireless communication antenna

Wireless communication antenna

It’s not uncommon for users to experience issues with shipping and orders. Logistical errors like incorrect or invalid addresses cause these issues. It leaves many asking, where is my Starlink order? 

After placing your Starlink order, you’ll get a 14-day order pending notification. However, it sometimes takes longer than that. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that SpaceX doesn’t have an expedited shipping service, so you’ll have to check with FedEx or DHL on the status of your order. 

FedEx delivery van

FedEx delivery van

When your package gets shipped, you’ll receive a notification via email containing the tracking numbers. Remember that subscription billing begins as soon as your order gets shipped, so if it delays, you’ll have less time to test it and decide if you want a refund.  

Starlink is available in North America, Europe, and other countries and regions. The service hasn’t penetrated every country yet, but the list expands daily. You can also check Starlink availability in your area before placing an order. While at it, you can also check for coverage in your location. 

Starlink orders get fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis. And with the company receiving far more orders than it can fulfill, it raises questions about the waitlist.

Icon with speech bubble in word

Icon with speech bubble in word

However, Starlink also considers capacity when fulfilling orders. If your service area or “cell” is more extensive, you may receive your order before another person from a smaller “cell,” even though they placed their order before you. Starlink aims to give its customers the best service available, which means they cater to more giant “cells” first. 

Many people wonder if it is possible to skip the waitlist. Suppose you get Starlink RV or buy a used Starlink dish and equipment. The seller can transfer their subscription to you through the Starlink app. It’s not a guarantee, but it works most of the time. 


The best place to get Starlink is from the official Starlink website. Find out if the service is available by placing an order online. If unavailable, you can join the waitlist to see if your area will come under coverage soon.

In most cases, people install Starlink themselves, as the company does not send professionals to the job. So you can install it yourself if you want to, or you can hire a technician to do the job instead.  

It depends. For someone in a remote area who needs access to a high-speed, stable internet connection, Starlink is a great purchase. If you’re looking for a routine home-fiber network that won’t handle much traffic, it may prove more prudent to consider other options. 

Wireless communication line

Wireless communication line


Starlink is revolutionizing the internet service provider industry with its novel approach to its customers. They’ve truly committed to their users and offer dedicated support to ensure customer satisfaction. As their expansion continues, you’re likely to see more Starlink dishes in your town or neighborhood because it’s guaranteed to draw in more people with its appeal.

Despite initial teething problems, Starlink is currently on a roll, with orders exceeding SpaceX capabilities, proving that the service is growing immensely popular around the world. With the recent lowering of prices and introduction of a new service tier, the future of Starlink and those who use it look bright.

Space X bacground

Space X background

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