Viasat Equipment: Everything You Need to Know

Viasat Equipment, Have you decided to go with Viasat? Well, it’s a good choice. Satellite internet is more reliable than DSL and dial-up connections.

Thus, it’s no wonder many Americans, including those residing in rural regions, use Viasat.

It’s a fast and reliable satellite internet service, second only to Starlink. But what equipment does Viasat use?

Read on to learn everything you need about Viasat equipment, cost, and installation, plus answers to some frequently asked questions. 

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Viasat Internet Equipment

Antenna Dish

The Viasat dish uses the latest technology to ensure users remain connected to the internet. During the dish installation, a qualified technician will also test the ideal location and install it on a secure pole or the roof of your house, depending on your situation.


A Viasat technician will test the internet signal in your location using a transceiver. After the process, they will recommend an excellent place to mount your Viasat Satellite.

Image of the transceiver

(Caption: Image of the transceiver)

Bracket Assembly

The technician uses the bracket assembly to mount your dish and keep it in place. 

Viasat WiFi Gateway Modem

The Viasat WiFi modem comprises a wireless router and voice service adapter. It connects to the dish via a cable. 


Image of cable

(Caption: Image of cable)

Further, installation requires a cable. And the Viasat kit includes a seven-foot cable. Depending on your situation, installing the antenna on your roof may not be an option. Thus, the equipment includes a pole.

RG-6 Cable

Additionally, a 150-foot RG-6 cable connects the antenna to the modem. This length is sufficient for any installation you do. 

Cabling Hardware

However, you might need additional mounting and cabling hardware when routing the wire through an exterior/exterior wall or flooring.

Viasat Equipment Cost

Most of the service plans for Viasat internet service don’t include hardware and equipment. Instead, customers can pay an equipment leasing fee of around $9.99 each month or an equipment acquisition fee of approximately $299.99.

Viasat Installation

What’s great about Viasat is it offers users free installation,.and prohibits DIY installations. Instead, they prefer to use Viasat-certified installers to ensure their equipment gets installed correctly. Otherwise, the process can get quite complex, and often, the client will experience signal issues if the installation is not done by a professional.

Before your scheduled installation appointment, a Viasat technician will place a call to confirm the date and time. Also, they will do a walk-through of the site requirements and other satellite installation options and preferences with you. 

When the Viasat technicians arrive at your premises to do the installation, an adult must be present. And the adult should be in a position to make any decisions necessary regarding the process. 

Positioning Your Viasat Satellite Equipment

The satellite dish works best when placed so that nothing obstructs it from the sky view. The technician can mount the dish on a pole or chimney if there’s no ideal placement. 

Additionally, the technician ensures the correct horizontal, vertical, and skew dish alignment for optimal signal setting. 

Image depicting different dish alignments

(Caption: Image depicting different dish alignments)

Standard Vs. Custom Viasat Installation

Standard Viasat installation is free and comes with a base internet price. On the other hand, custom installation often requires a customer to pay more. Usually, most installations are standard, and custom ones are rare.

Viasat Installation Fee

As mentioned, Viasat offers customers free installation conducted by Viasat-certified technicians.  

Viasat Internet Prices 2023

Usually, Viasat internet prices per month vary based on the package you choose from their various plans. But in general, it can cost anywhere from $50 to $200, based on the planned availability in your area. Since Viasat plans tend to vary depending on a customer’s location, it’s advisable to always inquire about your area’s pricing plan and availability before you begin the installation process. 


In some ways, yes. That’s because Starlink users often experience higher download and upload speeds of 250Mbps/20Mbps compared to Viasat’s 150Mbps/3Mbps. 

Does Viasat Have a Modem and Router?

When you request a Viasat satellite installation, you will receive a brand-new WiFi Gateway modem, meaning you don’t have to purchase a separate router.

How Long Does Viasat Take to Set Up?

The installation usually takes two to three hours, including setting up the dish.

Is Viasat 4G or 5G?

Viasat offers its users 4G/5G LTE coverage.

How Do I Return My Viasat Equipment

First, you’ll speak to the Customer Care agent when wanting to disconnect your service or schedule a move. Then they will inform you how to return your leased equipment. Usually, you can return your Viasat equipment for free via UPS. Remember to never ship your equipment to Viasat without an Equipment Recovery Kit.

Should I Buy or Rent My Viasat Equipment

Although renting seems cheaper, you can pay much more in the long run than if you bought the equipment upfront.


Now you know what equipment to expect in your Viasat kit. While you’re not allowed to install it, Viasat charges no installation fees. Also, when Viasat technicians do the setting up, their tools, expertise, and experience ensure you enjoy the best signal.  

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