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About Viasat Data Cap, Often, you’ll see the wording “unlimited data” in many internet service plans. But that’s not true because immediately you hit your data limit, the speeds slow down significantly.

 In addition, it costs more to buy more data, but if any of it is left, it goes to waste because it doesn’t get carried over to the next month.

 This article explains all about the Viasat data cap, including Viasat throttled speeds and exactly how slow the speeds get after the data cap.

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Does Viasat Have Data Caps?

Yes, Viasat satellite internet has data caps, each of which varies depending on your plan. See Viasat data plans fall under two broad categories – Liberty and Unlimited. But keep in mind that unlimited here does not mean any data cap. 

Viasat Liberty Plan Data Caps

Data PlanDownload SpeedData Cap
Liberty 5012 Mbps50 GB
Liberty 2512 Mbps25 GB
Liberty 5012 Mbps12 GB

Viasat Unlimited Plan Data Caps

Data PlanDownload SpeedData Cap
Unlimited Platinum 100100 Mbps150 GB
Unlimited Gold 5050 Mbps100 GB
Unlimited Gold 3030 Mbps100 GB
Unlimited Silver 2525 Mbps60 GB
Unlimited Gold 1212 Mbps65 GB
Unlimited Silver 1212 Mbps45 GB
Unlimited Bronze 1212 Mbps35 GB

How Viasat Data Cap Works

Now the way Viasat data cap works depends on the data plan you’re under. 

For example,  in all three Viasat Liberty plans, when you use up the data allotted, the speed slows down to 1 to 5Gbps. However, with the Unlimited plan, it’s a little bit different. The data cap or threshold is “softer,” meaning after you reach your data limit, the speed slows down when there’s network congestion

So, for example, say you purchased the Unlimited Gold 50 plan and have used up your 100 GBs. You would still enjoy 50 Mbps download speeds, but only if the network is not congested. 

So you can still stream, email, and what have you, but when several Viasat users go online, they get priority over you. As a result, you might see a drop in speeds.  

 Image of a person using the internet

(Caption: Image of a person using the internet)

Viasat Speed After Data Cap

Anyone seeking a direct response from Viasat regarding the speeds to expect after reaching the data cap walks away dissatisfied.

Because unless you talk with someone who directly works for the company or a technician, getting such information can be pretty difficult.

Image of customer support

(Caption: Image of customer support)

When you visit the company’s website, you will find that after using up your allotment of high-speed data on Viasat’s unlimited packages, you can still access unlimited standard data.

However, information surrounding “standard data” and its speeds are noticeably unavailable on the site. But according to third-party sources, the speeds range between 1Mbps and 5Mbps.

Viasat Throttled Speed

Usually, there are times when data usage across the network can become high enough that Viasat cannot handle the entire load.

In such situations, Viasat will prioritize internet speeds for its users who have not yet surpassed their data threshold. Then the speeds of those who have exceeded their data limit get slowed.

Image depicting slow speeds

(Caption: Image depicting slow speeds)

Note that this total network capacity depends not on the number of people utilizing the network but on the total amount of data among all customers directed to Viasat’s satellites. So, as long as you stay below your monthly data allotment, your internet speeds will not experience any issues. 

By throttling the speeds of customers who have surpassed their data threshold or limit, Viasat can guarantee a fast and reliable internet connection for those users who have not exhausted their limit.


Is Viasat Intenet Unlimited?

Not really. Liberty plan users experience speeds as slow as 1Mbp after exhausting their designated amount of high-speed data.

And as for the Unlimited plan, the speeds slow down significantly during network congestion, regardless of how well you’ve mounted your dish or the weather conditions.  

Does Viasat Have a Data Cap?

Yes, Viasat has a data cap, which works differently depending on the plan you’re under.

Can I Bypass Viasat Data Cap?

Currently, there is no way for one to lift their internet bandwidth, and not even a VPN can help with such matters.

The only way to circumvent the limit is to upgrade to a higher internet package or switch providers.

Based on Starlink’s fair use policy, there is a monthly data cap of 1TB. And users who surpass that before their monthly cycle ends have their service deprioritized and must contend with much slower download speeds.


Now you understand the Viasat data cap better, including how it works and your expected speeds.

And while the slow speeds you experience after exceeding your data limit are frustrating, you now know the reason behind throttled speeds.  

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