Starlink vs. Starlink Business: What’s Best for You?

Starlink Business is one of the latest services rolled out by Starlink as part of its expansion targeting commercial and government sectors. Formerly known as Starlink Premium, Starlink Business promises priority customer support coupled with higher speeds and throughput. Clients comparing Starlink vs. Starlink Business find the latter service is a higher reliability platform for high-demand users.  Therefore, it will ensure bandwidth for critical operations throughout. 

The introduction of global coverage and high-speed internet connectivity for businesses in remote locations will surely shake up the market well. Moreover, users are eager to discover how Starlink Business can help their commercial enterprises. 

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Starlink offers internet services, selling connections to organizations and individuals worldwide through its network of privately owned satellites orbiting the earth. 

The Starlink Residential was the original service offered by Starlink. Starlink Residential, designed for the global market from a permanent location, serves home users only. It also comes with a $599 equipment fee, and the service costs $110 a month. 

Starlink RV is designed for portable use and is a popular choice for van lifers and owners of recreational vehicles. It is also a simple set-up and breakdown, ideal for people who live on the road, often driving to remote locations. 

Camper driving down the road

Starlink Maritime also offers high-speed, low-latency internet for users at sea. The client base includes merchant vessels, premium yachts, and oil rigs. Users can also connect to the internet just as they would at home or in the office. 

Luxury recreation yacht  

Luxury recreation yacht  

Starlink Business focuses on the commercial market. It employs a new high-performance terminal that is more resistant to weather extremes and high temperatures. Furthermore, it provides users with higher bandwidth and greater download speeds.

Equally important, Starlink’s Business speed of 150-500 Mbps for downloads and 20-40 Mbps uploads is roughly double that of standard Starlink service. Starlink Business provides bandwidth for your critical operations during peak network usage. Finally, the Starlink Business cost is higher than the Residential service because of its extra features, dedicated support, and enhanced performance. 

Starlink Residential launched in October 2020. Designed for home use and provides high-speed, stable internet for $110 a month. Installation is free, but the hardware costs $599. Moreover, you can expect download speeds of around 50-200 Mbps, upload speeds of 20-40 Mbps, and a latency of 10-20 Mbps. 

Businessman pressing download

Businessman pressing download

Starlink Business rolled out in February 2022. It’s got 24/7 support and is ideal for businesses. The monthly service cost is much steeper than Starlink residential at $500 a month, while the equipment costs $2500. Both Starlink Residential and Starlink Business have unlimited data. 

Pros Cons
Better internet speedsThe monthly subscription is costly
Stronger and larger antenna setupExpensive equipment
Better resistance to harsh weather conditionsFor businesses only, residential users can’t access it.

Different Design Templates

Both Starlink Residential and Business come with a Starlink dish, dish mount, power cable, connecting cable, and Wi-Fi router base unit. But the design of the Starlink Business antenna differs from the Residential one. In addition, the antenna is larger and sturdier, with a better router, power supply, and around-the-clock, giving Starlink Business superior service delivery.

Satellite dishes

Satellite dishes

Besides, the stronger design makes it better suited to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures you may experience in remote areas.

Faster Internet Speeds

Starlink Residential is perfect for families and home users with its 50-200 Mbps download speeds and 10-20 Mbps upload speeds. Starlink Business can thus handle a much heavier load of 100-350 Mbps download speeds and 20-40 Mbps upload speeds. 

Lastly, Starlink Business practices better speed reduction during peak hours. 

Counting Costs

Starlink Business costs $500 a month and requires a one-time $2500 payment for the gear, Starlink Residential costs $110 a month, and the equipment costs $599. Therefore,  Residential is the more affordable choice, but it lacks the many benefits offered by Starlink Business. 

The choice between Starlink Residential and Starlink Business comes down to your needs. For families and those working from home, Starlink Residential is the most practical option. Again, It’s more affordable and offers reasonably fast and reliable internet for most people’s usage.

In addition, if you’re running a commercial enterprise that demands a stable, high-speed connection with round-the-clock support, then Starlink Business is what you should opt for. You’ll find the service is well worth the cost in the long run. 


Starlink Business isn’t available everywhere as it’s still a new service. Place an order on the official website to find out about availability in your location. 

Starlink Business is for commercial use. What’s more, it is not available to residential users. 


There is a world of difference between Starlink Business and Starlink Residential. Starlink Business represents the company’s premium tier service. It, therefore, promises stronger, faster connections businesses need to keep their operations up and running 24/7. 

It’s become one of the most popular plans for entrepreneurs, and with the amazing benefits, it’s not hard to see why. Its resistance to extreme temperatures and weather, constant support, and stable, high-speed internet connections are far superior to the Residential place. 

As more businesses subscribe to this tier, you can expect even better infrastructure and service as the project expands, ensuring premium internet for enterprises like yours as time goes on. 

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