Starlink Status: How Can I Check My Starlink Order?

So you placed a Starlink order, and you’re excited. And for a good reason, as Elon Musk’s Starlink is a major player in the satellite internet market, a game-changer in remote and rural hard-to-reach regions. Undoubtedly, you’re wondering, “How do I check on my Starlink order?” Read on to learn how to check on your Starlink status and more.

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After placing an order, you might wonder, “How can I check my Starlink order status?” Here are two methods you can use:  

  • First, go to the Starlink website
  • Next, log into your account. To do that, click on the members’ area (the three horizontal lines at the top right-hand side). Immediately, a login screen will pop up where you will enter your login details (email and password).  
Starlink website

Starlink website

  • Now go to the Accounts page and click on My Orders. Then, you’ll see that your order is displayed there with status details (pending or shipped).
Image of customer service team

(Caption: Image of customer service team)

  • First, raise a ticket to the Starlink Support page or app. But remember that before you can access the ticket page, you must first log in to your Starlink account. 
  • Immediately, Starlink will direct you to the FAQs page. Now select an order-related topic. Below it, you’ll see a thumbs-up and a thumbs-down. Click on the thumbs-down. 
  • What happens is Starlink will ask if you want to contact support. Click yes, and a form detailing your issue will pop up. Now complete the form. But remember to include your tracking number and be as concise as possible. Lastly, click on Submit. 

Note that after raising a ticket, it can take some time before you get a response. Fortunately, we have some tips on how to get Starlink support faster

After paying, your order is complete, and Starlink packages it for shipping. When that happens, you receive an email from Starlink, and the order status changes from pending to shipped. 

Image of someone having received an email

(Caption: Image of someone having received an email)

For each shipment, Starlink assigns a tracking number. And using this number, you can learn the postal agent, typically DHL or FedEx, who will mail your order. Also, you can track the shipping progress and when you expect to receive it on the DHL or FedEx websites. 

Order-Related Problems

A common order-related issue is an unvalidated delivery address. See, like with the Starlink service addresses, shipping addresses undergo validation. 

Remember, Starlink is designed primarily for use in rural and remote areas. And often, in these locations, order and delivery-related challenges arise. So, sometimes the Starlink website will not validate a shipping address. If that happens, you can follow these steps to rectify the issue:

  • Often, people put their home address or road number first. But instead, start with the zip code. So when the address box pops up, select the zip code from the list of locations. 
  • Next, put your street address. That should fix the problem. 

However, if your shipping address is still not validated, don’t despair. Simply use the USPS address validator.  

Usually, it depends on whether you’re a new or existing subscriber. For example, if you’re already a user, you can expect delivery within one week of placing your order. But for new subscribers, it takes about two weeks. 

Note that if you’re a new subscriber who just placed an order for the Starlink kit, your order must be complete for shipment to begin. That means you’ve paid the entire fee of $599.99, not a deposit. And this is only possible if Starlink is available in your location. 


Now you have the answer to the question, “How do I check the status of my Starlink order?” Generally, it takes one to two weeks. And using your tracking number, you can know the status of your order on the Starlink website or by contacting Starink customer service. Also, Starlink notifies you via email when they ship your order.

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