Starlink Data Caps: All You Need To Know

Starlink is fast becoming the most popular alternative to traditional fixed broadband internet. With the growth of the client base comes concerns about bandwidth coverage and potential data-limiting policies. Current and future subscribers want to know, will Starlink data caps? Who will they affect? And what are the criteria for users to get their internet speeds limited? 

This article will answer the above questions.

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What Are Data Caps?

Data caps are common with other ISPs, especially mobile service providers. Also referred to as data limits, they control the internet speed you can use each month. As a result of this process, called data throttling, the ISP reduces congestion in their network. 

No customer takes up more than their allotted share of bandwidth. This provides a fair service to all subscribers on the network, improving their user experience. Typical data caps begin around 1TB and are on older 3G and 4G wireless network systems.  

Two people connected through a social network

Two people connected through a social network

Fixed broadband networks usually have more powerful infrastructure that’s easier to scale, making data caps unnecessary.

Presently, Starlink does not have data caps. It applies to subscribers on all service levels, although they acknowledge throttling data to improve their network performance. According to the specifications page, Starlink reserves the right to temporarily reduce internet speeds if their network infrastructure becomes too congested.  

Hand holxing mobile phone and web subscribers

Hand-holding mobile phone and web subscribers

One of potential subscribers’ most commonly asked questions is whether Starlink offers unlimited data. Yes, with Starlink internet, users on any service tier can upload and download as much as they want. Therefore, customers won’t have to worry about the amount of data they use each month, unlike other ISPs.  

The concept of unlimited internet 

The concept of unlimited internet 

In August 2022, Starlink subscribers in France received emails notifying them of price reductions in their monthly data plans. Starlink internet’s price has decreased from €99 per month to €50. Moreover, their new policy is to roll out soft data caps in France. 

A soft data cap grants subscribers unlimited internet, but the ISP can reduce the speeds if the user exceeds a certain data amount. In this case, Starlink users who surpass the data cap of 250GB in France will have their networks deprioritized, experiencing slower speeds during congestion hours. However, subscribers who want to proceed with priority service after exceeding the limit can buy more data at €10 for every 100GB. 

At the moment, it’s unknown whether or not Starlink will introduce data caps in the future. The service continues to grow and take on more customers, which may require measures like bandwidth throttling in years to come.


In France, the current data cap starts at 250GB, a very low figure by modern standards, especially considering the high-speed network infrastructure in use today. It’s likely Starlink will introduce 1 or 1.2TB data caps for their subscribers.

Deprioritization does not block users from the web. It simply means internet service speed will be slower than normal during congested hours


Starlink data caps in France have sparked a conversation about what this means for users in other parts of the world. Many U.S. residents flocked to it because of high-speed unlimited data. However, it’s unlikely consumers will pay an additional fee to bypass data limits on their service tiers. Introducing a data cap would be less than ideal for subscribers and make it difficult for Starlink to compete with established ISPs on the market. 

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