Starlink Cable: All You Need to Know And How to Fix It

If you’ve ever heard of Starlink cable, you know it can be a great way to get high-speed internet access in rural areas. But what exactly is Starlink Cable? And how can you fix a damaged cable? In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of Starlink Cable, the different types available, and how to repair any damages. Let’s dive in!

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The Starlink cable is a CAT5e variant. It boasts four pairs of twisted wires and eight separate conductors, enabling seamless Power Over Ethernet (PoE) data transmission. The manufacturer designed the connectors on either end for unrivaled connection quality for this purpose alone. When combined with PoE technology, you guarantee a reliable internet service.

Standard Residential and RV

It has a 75-foot cable or approximately 23 meters. If you wish to extend the distance, you can buy a 150-foot substitute from the Starlink store. Nevertheless, it is impossible to join two cables together for increased length.

High Performance and Business

The Business Starlink and High-Performance cable routing kit includes an 82 ft . cable, but they don’t come with an extension or a replacement cable.

Flat High Performance and Maritime

The cable that comes with the flat, high-performance dish is 26.2 feet (8 meters). Currently, there is no option to extend the cable, and it doesn’t come with an extra cable.

Original Circular Satellite Dish

The original Starlink dish is round, and its original cable is 100 feet long. Because this device uses standard connectors, you can buy aftermarket cable extensions with a coupler. Unfortunately, Starlink doesn’t offer any additional dish cable lengths for this dish.

Satellite dish cable

Satellite dish cable

Tool List

  • Cat 6 couplers
  • Wire cutter
  • Crimper
  • Stripper for wires
  • Cat 6 jack ends
  • Outdoor enclosure
  • Wire nuts
Wire nuts

Wire nuts

Step One: Unplug the cable and the router

Before handling the cable, ensure it is safe to do so. Unhook your Starlink router and detach the cable from there. Then, inspect the 75-foot connector cable for a few moments to determine if they are causing the issue. After that, you can move things around without worrying because no electricity will flow through, making contact safe.

Step Two: Assess the Harm to Identify the Issue

Carefully inspect the whole length of the cable for any indication of wear or damage, not just from animals chewing on it or rubbing against it. Also, look out for any parts that may have been bent or crushed. That can also harm the wires inside without piercing or tearing the exterior layer.

Step Three: Cut Away the Ruined Section of the Cable

You can make quick work of a ruined Starlink cable with wire cutters. When rejoining the two parts, leave sufficient slack so that the repaired length is still functional. Yet, remember not to trim too close to any visible damage as it may have extended further along than what meets your eye!

Step Four: Unwrap the cable and peel away its protective layers

Carefully remove 1 inch of the outer coating from both ends of the cut cable. Underneath, you will see four sets of twisted wires, plastic shielding, light blue foil, and a bare metal wire for grounding.

Peel or tear off shields without causing damage to any internal cables and take out all components, ensuring that none of the twisted pairs of wire or grounding wires are broken.

Multi Colored Network Cables

Multi Colored Network Cables

Step Five: Carefully untangle the four wire pairs and then remove the insulation for each

Take your time to carefully untwist and straighten the four sets of wires in the cable. Make sure everything is correctly connected before you move on.

First, use a wire stripper to remove 1/4 inch of insulation from each pair of wires, except for the ground wire.

Step Six: Establish a proper plug-end connection by organizing the wires accordingly

For the Cat6A cable plug end, ensure that the T568B wiring scheme organizes the stripped internal wires. Please don’t make any connections to the ground wire; only connect it at both ends.

RJ45 Network Cable Connector T568A/T568B

RJ45 Network Cable Connector T568A/T568B

Step Seven: Slide the wires carefully into the plug end

Connect the cable end with an 8P8C modular connection, with eight wire holes arranged inside. To ensure that your wiring is correct, follow the T568B diagram from left to right and make sure that the retainer clip faces down.

Gently insert each of the wires into their respective slots to avoid shifting them around too much. Additionally, keep in mind to maintain the positioning of the ground wire away from any other connections in this setup process.

8P8C, RJ-45 crimped red ethernet connector

8P8C, RJ-45 crimped red ethernet connector

Step Eight: Using a crimping tool, firmly affix the plug end

Put the wires firmly into their slots on the plug end, and then use a crimping tool to hold them in place so that your installation process is complete.

Lan cable crimpers

Lan cable crimpers

Step Nine: Mirror the Process on the Opposite Half of the Cable

If a Starlink cable is damaged in the center, follow steps 2 to 10. As you reattach the power cables to the other plug end, use the same wire order as the other half.

Step Ten: Bring the two ends together with a Cat 6 Coupler

With both segments of your cable securely connected, it is time to unite them. You require a Cat 6 cable with two distinct terminations at either end for this task. To reconnect the wire, plug one side into the coupler and add the second conclusion.

Port cat 6 ethernet cables

Port cat 6 ethernet cables

Step Eleven: Establish a Ground Connection

To connect the Starlink system, incorporate a ground wire. If it is too short, cut an additional segment from the worn-out space and confirm that there are no cracks or breaks in it before you trim it down to an appropriate length. Then attach both pieces, utilizing wire nuts for secure fastening.


Thank you for reading our blog post on Starlink Cable. We hope that you found the information helpful and that you were able to repair your damaged Starlink cable. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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