The Starlink App, All You Need to Know

A fast and reliable internet connection is one of the modern essentials of life for many worldwide. Demand has therefore grown over the years for fast internet services. In 2020, SpaceX introduced Starlink to the world to capitalize on the rising demand. Starlink provides fast, reliable, and stable internet for users in urban and remote areas. Moreover, the Starlink app allows users to perform operations that previously needed a technician. Here is a deeper look at the Starlink app and what it can do for you.

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SpaceX developed an innovative way for customers to set up and manage their Starlink connections using the Starlink app. The Starlink app is available for android and apple users alike. 

First, Download the App

Users should first download it from the app store or play store to be able to use it. On opening the app, log in to your Starlink account, and the app will display your connection status. If it shows online, it means you have installed your Starlink successfully. 

download the app on your smartphone with a progress bar

download the app on your smartphone with a progress bar

It might take a bit longer if you have just switched your dish on, as it has to search for and connect with nearby satellites first. Therefore, if it still shows offline after an extended period, it is best to check the status of your cable connections.


On the app, the visibility page will aid you in scouting for any obstacles preventing the dish from receiving a full signal from the satellites in orbit. As the process might take as long as a whole day, it is best to check on it later.

Satellite and space station above the earth

Satellite and space stations above the earth


The statistics page will find information on network bandwidth, latency, and outages. In addition, users check the statistics page for connection issues, especially during a network outage.


The Starlink app comes with an in-built speed test where you can check your Starlink’s upload and download speeds in real-time.

Internet speed test smartphone 

Internet speed test smartphone 


On the settings page, you will be able to configure your Starlink. Then you can name your wifi, change the password, reboot your router and stow it too. There are also advanced settings in addition to the basic configuration settings.

Hand with a screwdriver pressing the reset button of a router

Hand with a screwdriver pressing the reset button of a router

Get Support

On the support page of the Starlink app, you will find a range of topics relating to issues users frequently face. These topics provide direction in case you have a similar issue to any of them.

The Starlink app has an in-built tool you can use to check for obstructions in addition to its many uses. An obstruction is any obstacle that prevents the dish from receiving signals from the orbiting satellites. 

And then once you get to the location,  if you prefer to install your dish, open the app and tap on check for obstructions, then tap ‘I’m ready.’

The app will use the camera on your device to check your surroundings and advise you where to install your dish. Moreover, scanning different parts of your property gives the best results by getting the best possible location.

technicians are installing a satellite dish 

technicians are installing a satellite dish 


Starlink works well with cell phones despite the company designing it as a non-mobile internet provider. Your phone can, however, only connect via wifi which will need you to be within range of the router.

First, the Starlink app will guide you to install the dish; second, it will display your connection status; third, you can manage connections on your device; fourth, run a speed test and troubleshoot your Starlink.


In conclusion, the Starlink app is an excellent tool for customers to get the most out of the experience. In addition to saving you the costs of hiring a technician for installation, it also helps you manage your Starlink and finally alerts you in case of any updates. Be sure to check out our blog for more information on Starlink.

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