Satellite Internet for Gaming

Every online game player usually focuses on having a faster computer processor, a large display, and a comfortable chair. However, very few think about satellite internet for gaming. They don’t know they will likely experience latency without a strong connection. 

Generally, latency causes online games to lag, making them less enjoyable. Whether you’re playing online games using satellite internet or plan to try it in the future, worry not. Here, we help you understand everything concerning satellite internet for gaming. 

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How good is satellite internet for gaming?

Satellite internet offers a reliable gaming connection. You can get a reliable speed of 25 Mbps which is good enough for online gaming. In some cases, the speeds can reach 100 Mbps. 

However, with satellite internet, speed is not always a challenge. The main challenge is packet loss and latency. Luckily, service providers such as Starlink guarantee a latency of 20-40 ms, which is good enough for online gaming. 

What Makes Gaming on Satellite Internet Difficult?

Sometimes, your satellite internet might fail to support online games as you’d expect. But why is it so?


The main challenge affecting satellite internet is latency. This is the delay in signal travel from one point to another. The latency should be below 100 ms for you to play online games without challenges. Anything beyond this causes your connection to lag, thus causing a poor connection. 

Luckily, there are satellite internet service providers like Starlink who are game changers. For instance, Starlink guarantees customers a latency of 20-40 ms. With such, you can enjoy your favorite games without problems. 


Apart from latency, stability is another factor that affects online gaming. Well, You need at least 5 Mbps to play games without problems. However, the speeds might drop below 1 Mbps, thus affecting your gaming. This happens mostly when it rains. 

How to Make Satellite Internet Effective for Gaming?

Consider the below steps to make your satellite internet better for gaming:

Switch to Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cable

(Ethernet cable)

Your satellite internet might be poor due to the wireless connection between your home router and gaming console. Therefore, replace this wireless connection with an ethernet cable. This way, you’re likely to get a reliable speed. 

Upgrade the Satellite Hardware

Check whether you still have the older satellite modem. There are new modems that work well with the current high-speed satellites. Therefore, replace the old modems with newer ones. 

Adjust Your Satellite Dish

(Satellite dish on a building)

A longer distance between the satellite dish and modem or router causes the signal strength to weaken. Therefore, we recommend moving your modem closer to the dish.

At the same time, ensure the dish aligns to the south. This way, it captures maximum signals.

Eliminate Barriers Around the Dish

Barriers such as tall trees will always block signals from reaching the satellite dish. Clearing such barriers gives the dish a clear line of sight. Consequently, you’ll get a higher speed to play your games. 

Consider Reliable Service Providers

Sometimes, the source of slow internet could be the service provider. Very few service providers invest in reliable satellite equipment. For fast gaming internet, we recommend subscribing to Starlink internet. 

Satellite Internet Good for Gaming

For a good gaming experience, you need a reliable satellite internet provider. The best service providers offer stable, fast, and latency-free internet at an affordable price. Check them out below:

Without question, Starlink is the best provider of satellite internet for gaming. The company’s internet has faster speeds of up to 500 Mbps. Additionally, the internet has low latency thanks to low-earth orbit satellites. 

Their internet rate is $110 for the residential package. Also, they have an RV package that costs $135. However, to get a Starlink connection, you must pay an equipment fee of $599. 


A photo of Viasat

(A photo of Viasat)

Viasat is another reliable satellite internet provider. Their internet speeds vary between 12 to 100 Mbps. For such speeds, expect to pay between $30 to $169.99 per month.

How Much Satellite Internet Speed is Enough for Gaming?

To play games without lag, you’ll need at least a download and upload speed of 5 Mbps and 3 Mbps, respectively. Luckily, most service providers nowadays offer download speeds of over 25 Mbps. 

However, the upload speed might get to as low as 3 Mbps. So, if you choose Starlink or Viasat, we’re certain you’ll have a good gaming experience. 

Considerations While Selecting the Best Satellite Internet for Gaming

Below are critical considerations while choosing a reliable gaming internet:


The provider should offer a top speed internet. We recommend going for speeds of at least 25 Mbps. 


Here, it would be best to consider whether the provider offers a reliable connection in your location. Unfortunately, few providers have the right equipment to support a connection in many parts of the world. That is why we recommend Starlink at all times. 


Research the latency for the different internet providers within your region. You can even ask a friend or neighbor about their experience with a certain provider. Go for internet providers that guarantee a latency of less than 100 ms. 


Is satellite internet good for gaming?

Satellite internet isn’t very reliable for gaming due to its high latency. So we recommend that you use fiber instead. And if you must use satellite internet, you should prioritize Starlink. 

Which games can you play with satellite internet?

Generally, fast-paced multiplayer games won’t play well with a satellite connection. However, you can comfortably play board, turn-based strategy, and sports games. Again, make sure you stick to Starlink for the best results. 

Which gaming consoles work well with satellite internet

A PlayStation console

(A PlayStation console)

Satellite internet supports many consoles, such as Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation


We understand how stressful playing games on a slow internet can become. That is why we have prepared this guide for you. If you’re experiencing unreliable connection for your gaming activities, latency could be the likely cause. However, you can try improving your connection with the above solutions. 

However, getting a reliable service provider should be your priority. In this case, we highly recommend Starlink. We hope that you’ll have a wonderful gaming experience.

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