RV GPS Apps: A Review of the Best RV-Friendly GPS Apps

Today, GPS technology is indispensable. And many motorists feel they’d be lost without it, literally. But what if it’s an RV you’re driving? Do you need an RV GPS app? See, driving an RV is very different from driving a car.

There are weight limits on roads, low-clearance bridges, and propane restrictions. Also, you want to drive on the road suitable for an RV, not a narrow, winding road your standard GPS mapped out for you.

It would be best if you had a GPS designed for RVs. Here’s a review of the best RV-friendly GPS apps.   

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RV GPS App Review

CoPilot GPS Navigation

With the CoPilot GPS navigation, you can input your RV’s height and length and get the most suitable route. And the maps, displayed in 2D and 3D, have lots of details on signs and lane turns. 

Additionally, CoPilot can store offline maps on your phone. Therefore, you need not worry if you encounter an area with no internet connection, as you always have maps to use. Further, it’s very easy to add roadside stops to your itinerary. 

CoPilot has a 14-day free trial, after which you pay $29.99 monthly.  

Togo RV

The Togo RV is an all-in-one RV app that offers users GPS navigation, trip planning capabilities, campsite finders, and more. First, you can find the most appropriate route based on your RV’s dimensions. 

Additionally, it has a database of over 15,000 RV parking spots in the US and Canada you can filter and select, plus campgrounds. Further, Togo RV has several tools to help you keep track of things, including maintenance requirements and other essential RV info.

The app costs $49.99 per year. 

Gas Buddy

You can’t plan your entire route on this app. Still, GasBuddy is highly useful in finding gas stations within range and ahead of you and their fuel prices.

Additionally, when you pay for purchases through the GasBuddy app, you earn “the gas back,” cutting down on fuel costs.

What’s great is that GasBuddy is a free app.   


Like GasBuddy, this app won’t help plan your trip. But this app is for you if you have specific lodgings you prefer, like a campground, hotel chain, or independent establishment. That’s because it focuses on places to stay, with a huge database of motels, hotels, and over 37,000 campgrounds. 

In addition, you can search for box stores, rest areas, parking, and RV stores. Also, the app provides a list of available truck stops and their fuel prices. As you drive, the app keeps refreshing to update the locations. Further, AllStays provides updates on weather and driving conditions. 

The app costs $9.99 and works only on iOS.  


In addition to offline compatibility and the ability to select the best route based on your rig’s dimensions, this app has some outstanding features. First, you can plan a route according to how hilly or curvy the area you’re driving to is. Further, the app can provide alerts on bad weather conditions.

InRoute has a 7-day free trial period, after which it costs $29.99.


Roadtrippers is an itinerary planner that makes road trip preparations easy and fun. You can easily and quickly add campground, accommodation, dining, attraction, and any other stops you want. Further, RoadTrippers can provide you with an estimate of your fuel cost. 

While Roadtrippers is a free app, for a $29.99 annual fee, there’s no limit to the number of stops you can add. Also, you get traffic updates and a RoadPass Pro membership. 

RV GPS Apps for iPhone

The following apps, available on the Apple app store, work with iOS.  

  • CoPilot
  • Truck Navigation
  • RV life 
  • Togo: RV 

What to Look For in an RV GPS Navigation App: RV GPS Guide

Besides providing maps, your RV GPS should have the following features to help make driving safer, easier, and more pleasant:

Height and Weight Input

Certainly, you don’t want to encounter a small tunnel you have to drive your RV through. Therefore, if you want a GPS, you can input your RV’s height and length to navigate away from such spots. 

Dash Cam

With a dash cam, you can have footage that can help you with insurance issues in case of an accident. 

Smartphone Compatibility

Undoubtedly, driving your RV while using your phone is much more dangerous. Also, it’s illegal. So look for a GPS that can connect to a smartphone. That way, you can receive messages, sync with and use other apps, and speak with fellow RVers to find camping spots. With smartphone compatibility, it’s also easier to update maps. 

Large Display

Generally, RV GPS apps have a larger display than standard apps. But the bigger, the better you can easily navigate the menu and see the directions.

Image of GPS display

(Caption: Image of GPS display)

Traffic Updates

Likely, you’ve taken your RV out to relax, and the last thing you want is to find yourself stuck in traffic. To avoid traffic jams, get a GPS that updates road conditions.

Campground Information

Sometimes you don’t plan your entire trip. Consider a GPS that provides campground information if that’s often the case. 

More Scenery

Often, RVers are all about the journey, not the destination. That means they want to see as much as possible during the journey. Therefore, a GPs that can provide the most scenic route and help you keep off highways is a handy tool.   

RV GPS Comparison

Besides the features we’ve discussed in the abovementioned apps, like height and weight input and smartphone compatibility, here’s how RV GPS apps compare. 

Some are suitable for enjoying the scenery, others for planning an entire trip, while others can add stops and, in a sense, plan as you go. Still, others like GasBuddy are more focused on mapping gas stations, and others like InRoute are highly useful if traveling to rough terrain. So it all depends on your needs. 


Is There a Google Maps for RVs?

Image of Google Maps

(Caption: Image of Google Maps)

No, but the standard Google Maps works on RVs too. However, it has no RF filters, so it will map out roads not designed for trucks.  

What Does an RV GPS Do?

An RV GPS is designed with an RV in mind.  Thus, it has custom routing options that consider low-clearance bridges and restrictions of weight and propane. Also, a larger display and offline mapping.

Does Apple Maps Have an RV Setting?

Apple Maps does not have RV-specific modes and will not account for the size of your vehicle when generating a route.


Any of the RV GPS apps we’ve mentioned above will serve you excellently. Also, you now know what to consider when choosing your GPS. So now, depending on your needs and preferences, you can select the best GPS app. 

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