RV Dish Mount: The Ultimate Guide to RV Satellite Installation

Granted, you will not mount your RV dish onto your RV permanently. Still, you can install a mount for your RV dish.

There are already several such RV dish mounts on the road. Such an installation makes things simpler, which is integral to RV living.

Here are a few RV antenna mount ideas and handy RV satellite installation instructions and tips. 

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RV Antenna Mount Ideas

On RV Ladder

To mount on your RV ladder, you’ll need to attach an RV ladder mount onto your RV ladder.  Then, using accessories like bolts, secure the antenna into place.

Alternatively, if you’d rather not use a premade pole, you can use any sturdy tube or pole, such as a fiberglass painter’s pole. First, you’ll mount the pole on your RV ladder, then attach the dish. 

On the Hitch Receiver

This mounting method provides a great option for RVs that don’t have ladders. And the Starlink RV Pole kit is perfect for mounting on an RV’s hitch receiver. The mounting kit comprises a mount, a sturdy steel pole, hardware, and an adapter. Now when you attach the mount, the pole stays above your RV’s roof. And to complete the installation, you’ll clip the dish to the pole.

Alternatively, you could use your equipment. Again, a painter’s pole will do. Or you can use any other sturdy pole. For this DIY, you’ll use a piece of PVC to fit the pole. Or you can use a flag pole holder to hold your pole and attach the dish to it using a flagpole adapter.

(Caption: Image of PVC pipe)

On the Roof

Image of a tripod stand

(Caption: Image of a tripod stand)

To mount on the roof, you can use a tripod stand such as the one that comes with the Starlink kit. So you’ll first attach the dish to the tripod and then place the complete setup on your RV’s roof. Then, use some weights or sandbags to hold down the mount in place.

Then, use some weights or sandbags to hold the mount in place.

Image of sandbags

(Caption: Image of sandbags)

While this is the simplest way to mount it on the roof, the tripod legs can cause some damage to your roof. Also, even with the weights, it’s not the most secure method as it leaves the dish vulnerable in case of a storm. 

Fortunately, there’s a better option; using the Starlink Pivot mount. The dish is more secure with this mount because you can screw it into place.

On Storage Area

To mount in the storage area, you’ll need a sturdy pole, PVC pipe, and u-bolts. For example, you could use a painter’s pole or a premade one. 

First, close the storage area, then attach a piece of PVC pipe about ten inches tall onto the ladder using u-bolts. Then, slide the pole into the pipe. 

 Image of u-bolts

(Caption: Image of u-bolts) 

RV Satellite Installation Instructions

Follow these steps to install an RV satellite dish:

1. Clean the Rooftop Surface

Any dirt, be it grease or dust, can prevent the glue from bonding to the surface of your RV. Therefore, clean the rooftop during your installation process.

2. Settle on Where to Mount the External System

When choosing a location, make sure of the following:

  • The system faces the back of the vehicle.
  • There are no switches or electrical cables beneath screw fixing points.
  • There are no obstructions that may block the satellite internet access signal.
  • The dish will not overhang to the side of the vehicle.
  • There’s enough space for the dish to collapse when in park mode.

3. Install the Roof Unit

After finding the correct position for your satellite system, remove the antenna unit from the base plate. Next, fix the base plate to the roof using a strong adhesive. Then, use the screws to fix the base plate and re-attach the antenna unit to the base plate.

4. Feed the Cables to the Control Box

Here’s how to route the cables to the control box. First, at the entry point to the control box inside the RV, drill a hole wide enough for the wires to go in without any resistance. Then, use adhesive to fasten the trunked cables to your RV’s roof to keep them secure, safe, and tidy.

5. Connect the Control Box

First, inside your RV, install the control box in a safe location. Then, link it to the cables that run from the antenna box.

6. Attach the Dish to the Roof Unit

Using the fixtures that come with the equipment, mount the dish on the roof unit. Then, test the satellite dish to see if it has enough space to move or collapse.

RV Satellite Internet Cost

Besides the standard cost of equipment and monthly fee, how much you spend on RV satellite internet will depend on other factors. These include what you intend to use the dish for, how regularly you need it, and if you will extend WiFi service with devices like boosters or extenders. In addition, other extra costs to improve internet connectivity include; mobile hotspots, portable 4G internet service, and Mobile satellite internet. 

How Much Does a Dish For an RV Cost?

Well, the cost of the RV antenna will depend on the type and brand of the dish and the technology used.


Can You Mount a Dish Playmaker on an RV?

Yes, you can. But it depends on the Playmaker model and the number of receivers it supports.

Can You Mount an RV Dish Permanently?

No, you can’t. While you can set up the dish mount permanently using any of the methods mentioned above, you must take the dish down every time you drive. 


With so many RV dish mount options, installing an RV satellite antenna is not hard. As mentioned above, you can use several RV mount ideas, including portable, stationary, in-motion, automatic or manual.

Also, we hope the installation instructions we’ve outlined help make the job easier.    

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