Is Subaru Starlink the Same as SpaceX Starlink: Find the Difference

Unveiling the truth, “Is Subaru Starlink the Same as SpaceX Starlink?” is crucial for individuals seeking clarity between these technologies. 

Understanding their differences, applications, and relevance in our lives is vital.

As we explore this topic, we’ll encounter challenges separating misconceptions from facts. 

This article will enlighten you about the unique features, advantages, and purposes of Subaru Starlink and Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink.

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People sometimes confuse Subaru Starlink with SpaceX Starlink.

Despite sharing “Starlink” in their monikers, these two distinct offerings bear no relation in functionality or purpose.

SpaceX provides Starlink, akin to HughesNet, for global residential and commercial consumers.

Subaru Starlink, however, is an automotive safety and infotainment feature utilizing AT&T’s cellular internet, akin to Tesla‘s Premium Connectivity.

SpaceX’s Starlink is a swift, cost-effective satellite internet service positioned in low-earth orbit.

Comparable to ViaSat and HughesNet, it surpasses them in speed, affordability, and dependability.

ViaSat and HughesNet operate thousands of satellites at 22,236 miles (35,786 km) above sea level.

On the other hand, Starlink’s orbit satellite constellation orbits Earth at 550 km or 350 km above sea level.

Subaru Starlink comprises a vehicular safety and entertainment system that employs cellular internet and SiriusXM satellite radio.

It doesn’t obtain its connectivity from SpaceX Starlink.

Subaru Starlink encompasses two distinct offerings:

  1. Starlink Multimedia
  2. Starlink Safety

Subaru Starlink harnesses AT&T’s cellular internet to access news, directions, music streaming, and other content. SiriusXM supplies in-vehicle satellite radios and entertainment.

Subaru’s Starlink Safety monitors vehicles and provides remote services like start control, lock/unlock, and roadside assistance.

Safety Attributes

Subaru cars with Starlink stand out, offering family protection. Automatic collision notification connects you to a Starlink rep.

They assess your needs, confirm your location, and dispatch assistance or first responders to your GPS coordinates if unresponsive.

Roadside Support

Emergencies like medical crises or accidents require pressing the red SOS button, connecting you to customer service.

For non-emergencies, press the blue I button for Enhanced Roadside Assistance, dispatching help to your GPS location.

Vehicle tracking system

Vehicle tracking system

Vehicle Health Assessment

Starlink informs you about your car’s condition. The Monthly Vehicle Health Report emails a diagnostic link.

Service requirements email an appointment link. Warning light activation prompts an email detailing the issue and potential solutions, including dealer visits.

Remote Services

Starlink Security Suite safeguards your car while safety features protect you.

MySubaru app’s Remote Services control door locks, horns, lights, and trunks. A vehicle locator finds your car in crowded parking lots.

Vehicle Security Alarm Notifications alert you if the alarm activates.

Vehicle alerts on a smartphone

Vehicle alerts on a smartphone

Stolen Car Recovery

If someone stole your car, contact a Starlink representative (after police reporting). Starlink’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery aids police in retrieving your car.

This feature’s effectiveness may yield insurance discounts for some Subaru owners.

Multimedia Options

Starlink Multimedia allows online app usage like iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Pandora, Yelp, Magellan NAVI, and more on your car’s high-resolution touchscreen.

Connecting your iPhone or Android wireless enables easy access.

In some models, voice-command systems control entertainment, calls, navigation, and climate control.

Smart multimedia touchscreen system for automobile

Smart multimedia touchscreen system for automobile


New or certified used Subarus with Starlink include one year of Starlink Safety Plus for free.

It includes Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Diagnostic Alerts, Maintenance Notifications, and Monthly Vehicle Health Reports.

And subsequent years cost $99. Security Plus features cost $49 for the first year and $149 annually, including stolen vehicle recovery and remote controls.

All Subaru vehicles possess the required hardware for Starlink connectivity.

To activate Starlink in your Subaru, register at or contact Subaru Starlink customer service at (855) 753-2495 for assistance.

Bear in mind Subaru Starlink and SpaceX Starlink differ significantly.

To acquire SpaceX Starlink internet for your residence, visit

Global satellite internet service concept

Global satellite internet service concept

Cell phone internet delivers numerous functions akin to Starlink, such as music streaming, navigation, and media services.

However, Subaru Starlink offers exclusive features like vehicle tracking, remote start/stop, stolen vehicle immobilization, and door lock/unlock.

Consider subscribing to this package for $149 yearly if you find these additional services appealing.

As a car owner, you may not require Subaru Starlink if you don’t intend to utilize these features.

Calling 911 is an option in emergencies, and bystanders witnessing accidents may also call for help.

Google Maps facilitates location searches for eateries and service centers, while your phone enables music or video streaming.


Elon Musk possesses Starlink, a division within SpaceX, not a distinct entity.

Since founding SpaceX in 2002, Musk remains its CEO and primary shareholder, overseeing Starlink.

Who is the owner of SpaceX?

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX, incorporates Starlink.

Elon Musk initiated SpaceX and serves as its CEO, holding a dominant stake in the enterprise.

SpaceX doesn’t feature on the stock market, offering private shares inaccessible unless you possess ample wealth and connections.

As Starlink isn’t an independent firm, its stock remains unattainable. Elon Musk expressed interest in taking SpaceX public, but a timeline remains unspecified.

No, Subaru Starlink doesn’t belong to Elon Musk.

Subaru Starlink is an automotive safety and infotainment system developed by Subaru, a Japanese automobile manufacturer.

The two systems share the “Starlink” name but are unrelated regarding ownership, functionality, and purpose.

When a Subaru Starlink subscription expires, or you don’t re-activate it, the connected services that come with it won’t be available. 

However, basic functions like Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, audio streaming, and any built-in entertainment and navigation features will still work without a Starlink subscription. 

The features requiring a subscription, such as remote services, automatic collision notification, and stolen vehicle recovery, will be inactive without an active subscription.


In summary, Subaru Starlink and SpaceX Starlink have different technologies with distinct purposes. 

Subaru Starlink focuses on automotive safety and infotainment, while SpaceX Starlink provides satellite internet services featuring impressive download speeds and broadband internet speeds. 

Examining their features, applications, and advantages, we’ve clarified the confusion about their similarities.

This article clarifies their distinct roles and benefits, whether considering Subaru Starlink’s current plan or SpaceX’s Starlink launch and services.

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