How Much Does a Starlink Subscription Cost?

How Much Does a Starlink Subscription Cost? Starlink has been on the receiving end of global attention since its founding by Elon Musk. Besides its owner’s international celebrity status, Starlink has made a solid name in the internet provider market. Thanks to its satellite technology from SpaceX, the company can provide fast and stable internet even in some of the most remote areas where traditional cable connections couldn’t reach.

A Starlink subscription might cost more than the average internet subscription. Here is a breakdown of the costs when using the Starlink service.

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In the US, Starlink charges $110 monthly subscriptions and $599 hardware costs, paid upfront. Furthermore, Starlink for RVs will pay back $135 monthly and $599 in upfront hardware costs. Starlink Maritime requires users to pay $5000 in monthly subscriptions and $10000 hardware costs. 

In an email sent out to its customers, Starlink announced that its monthly subscription fee had gone down to $75 effective the 24th of September 2022 for some users in South America; this means a 50% drop in their monthly subscription charges. 

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In other areas such as Europe, the drop is not as significant as that of South America but is still a welcome move. Besides, some customers in the Netherlands are now paying €105 a month for their Starlink for RV subscription, down from €124.

Starlink had recently announced a monthly subscription fee of $110, up from the previous $99. This translates to $1320 a year, up from $1188. Therefore, buyers pay a deposit of $549, up from $499.

In early 2022, Starlink announced a new subscription called Starlink premium, now the Starlink business. The new subscription has download speeds of up to 350 Mbps. This enables high connectivity for businesses that host up to 20 users simultaneously. Additionally, Starlink business has a latency of 20-40ms.

Subscription service business model concepts

Subscription service business model concepts

What’s more, higher speeds come with higher prices. Starlink business costs $500 in monthly subscription charges, while hardware cost for Starlink business is $2500, which users will pay upfront.

Subaru Starlink is a telematics system that Subaru provides for its users in partnership with Starlink. Moreover, using 4G LTE connectivity, Subaru Starlink provides car owners with enhanced safety and multimedia services to make the drive more comfortable.

Subaru steering wheel shift lever and dashboard

Subaru steering wheel shift lever and dashboard

Lastly, Subaru Starlink costs between $99 and $149 in annual subscription charges for those willing to experience the immersive driving experience.


Starlink provides an amazing array of options for its growing number of users. From the regular home internet service to Starlink for yachts, Starlink factors in everyone when designing its products. Although the prices range for different products, the quality of service is top notch across all its products, making the Starlink experience well worth it for all its users.

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