CenturyLink TV Packages: Everything You Need to know

Are you an entertainment enthusiast looking for reliable TV entertainment packages? CenturyLink TV Packages are your go-to provider! 

With various TV plans ranging from basic cable to premier streaming services, CenturyLink offers the perfect package to suit all budgets and meet different needs. 

Learn more about the spectacular television services provided by CenturyLink in this blog article – dive right in and discover which CenturyLink tv packages are best suited for you.

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CenturyLink is part of Lumen Technologies. With CenturyLink, households can access high-speed internet and TV services and limitless nationwide calling possibilities.

Whether you’re a small business or an individual, CenturyLink offers various services tailored to your needs. With plans that fit virtually any lifestyle and budget, choose the one that works best for you today.

Choosing channels with TV remote 

Choosing channels with TV remote 

TV Channels Included in Various Packages

CenturyLink can give you access to various TV packages containing many channels.

Traditional TV Service

When you select a traditional TV package, you can access scores of channels you can watch on-demand or in real time.

This deal includes a DVR and an innovative remote with voice-control capabilities, so your entertainment experience is as effortless as possible.

Watching movies on TV

Watching movies on TV

Dish Network

Dish provides an unparalleled two-year experience with access to over 80,000 On Demand TV shows and films.

They even offer a professional installation service to guarantee the best performance of your setup.

With subscriptions starting at 120 channels, there’s something for everyone; choose from up to 290+ channels catering to all interests.

DVRs allow recordings of 16 different programs simultaneously. Plus, Netflix and YouTube are both accessible with Dish packages.


DIRECTV has something for everyone with their on-demand programming. Depending on your plan, you can watch 155 to 200 channels.

The Entertainment package provides 180 networks, while the Select and Ultimate packages have 245 and 250, respectively.

Add DIRECTV’s DVR service, which allows you to record up to 5 shows simultaneously and store over 200 hours.

Cable TV DVR

Cable TV DVR


With AT&T, you can live stream sports with over 5000 applications across multiple devices.

Plus, their comprehensive packages cater to ultimate gaming and viewing experiences at great value.

XtraPackage gives you 25+ Entertainment Package channels, 20 Select Bundle channels, and 200 amazing channels!

Get ready for unsurpassed entertainment like never before!

Streaming Services

In the last 10 years, streaming services such as Hulu have become increasingly popular, causing many individuals to replace their cable TV with streams.

CenturyLink offers multiple streaming options for live events and shows across multiple accounts for the entire household, all with free trials.

Streaming video services

Streaming video services

Crafting the perfect package for you is an intricate process that requires careful consideration. Let us offer our expertise to guide your decision-making.

Make sure you have enough internet speed.

When selecting the perfect package for your internet needs, strategizing and research are necessary. To assist you in this endeavor, we offer these helpful tips.

Broadband speeds test

Broadband speeds test

Compare TV channel options.

Choosing a TV bundle, let alone adding HD DVR and sports channel packages, can be overwhelming.

Review the channel list carefully to ensure your DIRECTV plan meets all your needs.

You may find that unexpected channels such as NFL Network or Sundance TV are only available with higher-tier subscriptions. 

Watching shows on a streaming service

Watching shows on a streaming service

Compare pricing

Discovering the best bundle package for you is straightforward. Read the comprehensive review of the best TV, internet, and phone bundles, or use the zip code tool to compare local rates.

This CenturyLink plan serves up lightning-fast internet speeds of 100 Mbps.

If you’re lucky enough to reside in a Fiber Internet area, even higher speed options are available for just a few bucks more per month.

DIRECTV’s impressive selection of over 165 channels, including Disney Channel, HGTV, USA, TNT, ESPN, and CNN, all included for under $120 monthly.

Don’t forget about Verizon or Frontier bundles, who may offer better deals too.

This plan has over 45 premium channels, including HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, and SHOWTIME.

Fox Sports Channel, Cinemax ThrillerMax, and HBO Family are included in the package too!

CenturyLink’s internet doesn’t offer speeds as fast as a fiber connection.

However, up to 100 Mbps download rate is still enough for streaming services like Netflix or everyday web browsing.

While Zoomers and Millennials may view landlines as outdated technology, many still rely on them.

We recommend DIRECTV Ultimate All Inclusive, CenturyLink Internet, and Home Phone to meet their needs.

This remarkable triple-play bundle offers CenturyLink DSL internet, a home phone plan, and DIRECTV with over 250 channels for just $170 monthly.

Comparing the cost of these three services separately to this package deal, you know it’s a fantastic offer.

With HBO, Disney Channel, and Sundance TV included in the bundle.

Network connection

Network connection


CenturyLink guarantees you nothing less than a fast and reliable connection due to its sophisticated VDSL and fiber optic technology.

They place customer satisfaction at the forefront, offering reasonable plans featuring an expansive range of services, including TV offerings and over 100 streaming services.

Can I Get a Discount for Bundling Services with CenturyLink?

With CenturyLink, you can enjoy the perks of cost-efficiently bundling your home phone and internet services.

Plus, take advantage of their high-speed fiber gigabit internet.

This will save money in the long run and provide a reliable and fast connection quality while you browse online.

CenturyLink Prism offers various subscription packages containing different channels, such as Spanish and exclusive premium ones.

With this, you can catch your favorite shows anytime and anywhere on multiple devices.

Initially cheaper than the DISH TV package at first glance, be mindful that the price gradually increases after completing the initial plan.

Say goodbye to the hassles of contracts and cancellation fees when you choose CenturyLink’s no-contract payment plan.

Unlike most plans with fixed prices, this pay-as-you-go program lets you access high-speed internet at your convenience, free from cumbersome commitments.

What Do I Need to Know About The Fine Print?

Do your due diligence and carefully inspect CenturyLink’s plans to ensure you’re getting the service that best fits your needs.

Knowing all fees, installation costs, and rate changes is important so you don’t spend too much.

Make it a point to uncover small details to avoid stress or confusion.


In conclusion, CenturyLink is an excellent option for bundling TV and internet services.

Its technology sets it apart from other companies, and its different bundles mean customers can pick one that fits their budget and streaming needs. 

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