Available Internet By ZIP Code: A Selection of the Top ISPs in Different Areas

Internet service providers enable customers to search the available internet by ZIP code in their area.

But each ISP only has a search bar for customers to explore their availability.

And if you want to compare multiple services, you will have to find the ones operating in your location first, meaning you’ll have to go through different ISP pages. 

Alternatively, you can go through this article to get the available internet providers in your area. Read on to learn more!

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A Brief Look at ZIP Codes

According to the USPS, there are 41,683 ZIP codes in the US, ranging from 00501 for the IRS (Holtsville, NY) to 99950 in Ketchikan, AK.

Listing all the available ISPs in the 41,683 ZIP codes might be overwhelming.

Similarly, there are thousands of ISPs in the country, so listing ISP availability in several ZIP codes is also challenging.

Therefore, we’ll list the available ISPs by State to give you a place to start when doing your search.


As the 39th most connected state in the US, Alabama has 46 internet provider options, with fiber internet providers offering the fastest speeds. The top five include:

  • EarthLink with download speeds of up to 5000 Mbps (DSL and Fiber)
  • AT&T (up to 5000 Mbps download speeds for DSL and Fiber)
  • EIN (5000 Mbps)
  • Xfinity (1200 Mbps)
  • Spectrum (1000 Mbps)
A high-speed internet link concept

A high-speed internet link concept


Although it has no satellite internet providers, Alaska has high Fiber, DSL, and cable internet coverage (over 90% each).

Of the 17 providers in the area, the top ones include:

  • MTA (1000 Mbps Fiber)
  • KPU (1000 Mbps DSL and Fiber)
  • Copper Valley Telecom (1000 Mbps Fiber)
  • Alaska Communications (250 Mbps DSL and Fiber)


The largest internet provider in Arizona is Cox, which offers cable internet speeds reaching 1000Mbps. Other ISPs offering similar or faster internet speeds include the following.

  • CenturyLink Fiber & DSL (940 Mbps)
  • Xfinity Cable (1200 Mbps)
  • Sparklight Cable (1000 Mbps)


Arkansas has a relatively high 236 Mbps average broadband speed, with the fastest internet providers being AT&T (5000 Mbps), EarthLink (5000 Mbps), EIN (5000 Mbps), Windstream (2000 Mbps), and Xfinity (1200 Mbps).


The Golden State has some of the fastest internet speeds in the US, averaging 521Mbps from 77 providers. These include:

  • AT&T, Frontier, and EarthLink (5000 Mbps each)
  • T-Mobile home internet (182 Mbps)
  • Xfinity (1200 Mbps)
  • Spectrum (1000 Mbps)
Overhead fiber optic cables

Overhead fiber optic cables


With 78% availability, Xfinity is the most available ISP in Colorado and offers cable internet speeds maxing at 1200 Mbps. Other top ones include:

  • T-Mobile home internet (182 Mbps)
  • CenturyLink Fiber & DSL (940 Mbps)
  • Spectrum Cable (1000 Mbps)
  • Rise fixed wireless internet (25 Mbps)


Connecticut is one of the tiniest states but has 100% satellite internet coverage, with providers like Starlink and HughesNet covering the area.

But the fastest internet providers are Optimum, Frontier, and EarthLink, with up to 5000 Mbps.


Delaware is tinier than Connecticut and has ten internet options, the fastest being Verizon Fios (2048 Mbps).

Also, internet customers can get DSL, 5G home, and Fiber internet from this provider. Others include Xfinity (1200 Mbps), ispMint (100 Mbps), and T-Mobile home internet (182 Mbps).

A broadband modem with a DSL cable plugged in

A broadband modem with a DSL cable plugged in


The Sunshine State has 37 broadband options, with AT&T, EarthLink, Frontier, and EIN offering the fastest internet speeds, reaching 5000 Mbps.

Cox, Spectrum, and Xfinity offer decent cable internet plans of around 1000 Mbps max.


Georgia has several rural internet options, with HughesNet providing 25 Mbps satellite connections and Point Broadband, iWispr, City of Monroe, & KatePilot offering fixed wireless internet.

But nothing beats fiber optic internet, which you can get from AT&T, EarthLink, EIN, and Google Fiber.


Starlink is available in Hawaii and offers maximum speeds of 350Mbps.

But if you prefer a wired connection, check out Spectrum Cable (1000 Mbps) and Hawaiian Telcom (1000 Mbps).


Idaho is home to over 40 internet providers, with T-Mobile 5G and Rise Broadband fixed wireless internet being among the most available.

But Ziply Fiber is the fastest fiber internet service (6000 Mbps). Other Fiber providers include CenturyLink and Ting.


With over 100 internet options, Illinois is one of the most connected states and offers internet customers several forms of internet service. These include:

  • 5G Home (T-Mobile)
  • Cable (Xfinity, Xtream, etc.)
  • Fixed wireless internet (Rise Broadband, Nextlink, etc.)
  • Fiber (EarthLink, AT&T, etc.)
  • DSL (Diverse, EIN, etc.)


Indiana boasts of high-speed internet coverage by the largest ISPs in the country: AT&T and Xfinity.

EarthLink and Spectrum are also available, while T-Mobile offers 5G home internet with wireless speeds reaching 182 Mbps.

A fixed wireless internet antenna

A fixed wireless internet antenna


Iowa beats Illinois in the number of internet options (over 170), but T-Mobile 5G home internet, Xtream cable, Rise broadband, and HughesNet are the most available.


As per Starlink’s coverage map, Kansas has partial coverage. Only the western side is online.

So if you don’t get this satellite provider, try AT&T, Spectrum, T-Mobile, Cox, EarthLink, Rise Broadband, Sparklight, or Xfinity.


100% of Kentuckians can get broadband internet connection from the following providers.

  • AT&T (Fiber and DSL)
  • Spectrum
  • T-Mobile
  • Xtream
  • EarthLink
  • Windstream
  • HughesNet
  • Xfinity
  • MetroNet
  • Optimum, and more


Louisiana has over 30 internet options, with T-Mobile, Cox, AT&T, EarthLink, and Spectrum being the most available.


Also known as the Pine Tree State, Maine has over 20 internet providers, with Xfinity being the fastest cable service (1200 Mbps).

Other traditional cable providers include Spectrum, Breeze line, and Premium Choice.


Maryland has high-speed internet types like Fiber (Verizon, Point, Ting & Antietam) and Cable (Xfinity, Astound, Breezeline & Broadstripe).

Available Internet By ZIP Code: A fiber internet installation at home

A fiber internet installation at home


99% of Massachusettsans can access reliable internet from over 20 providers, including Spectrum, Xfinity, T-Mobile, HughesNet, and Verizon.


Michigan has a wide selection of internet providers like AT&T, Xfinity, Spectrum, T-Mobile, EarthLink, and HughesNet.

Fixed wireless providers are also available in numbers and include Mercury Broadband, Michwave, Skyweb, Tri-County, and Air Advantage.


Like Michigan, Minnesota has several internet options, including major cable providers like Xfinity, Spectrum, Xtream, and Sparklight.


AT&T, EarthLink, Xfinity, Spectrum, and Sparklight provide Gigabit speeds in Mississippi’s urban areas.

Rural areas also get decent access from other connections like 5G (T-Mobile), satellite (HughesNet), DSL (Ziply Fiber), and fixed wireless connections (Firenet1).


99% of Missourians can access broadband speeds of 25 Mbps or higher, with AT&T, EarthLink, Spectrum, Xfinity, EIN, and Windstream providing the fastest speeds.

Available Internet By ZIP Code: Telecommunication data equipment for fixed wireless internet

Telecommunication data equipment for fixed wireless internet


Montana lags behind a little in fiber-optic service coverage but has a broad Spectrum cable coverage.

Fiber is available from CenturyLink, Ziply fiber, and Montana Internet.


Nebraska has a relatively high state average speed of 506 Mbps.

The primary enablers of such fast speeds are Spectrum, Cox, CenturyLink, Windstream, Quantum Fiber, and Sparklight.


Spectrum has one of the highest user ratings in Nevada and provides speeds of up to 1000 Mbps.

Other notable providers are Cox, Quantum Fiber, CenturyLink, AT&T, and EarthLink.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire only has about 20 ISPs, but it is a tiny state.

Xfinity offers the fastest speeds (1200 Mbps), with Spectrum, TDS, Consolidated Communications, and Granite State (all 1000 Mbps) closely following.

New Jersey

Residents of New Jersey have several Gigabit internet options, such as Optimum (5000 Mbps), Verizon (2048 Mbps), Xfinity (1200 Mbps), and Spectrum (1000 Mbps).

New Mexico

Starlink is available in a significant part of New Mexico’s landmass and provides fast, low-latency satellite internet.

The alternatives are Xfinity cable, Windstream DSL, Sparklight cable, or CenturyLink Fiber internet.

New York

The Empire State hosts the largest city in the country, where Verizon Fios is the largest ISP.

But the state is larger than the city, and Spectrum covers a wide area using its cable network, while Optimum provides a cable and high-speed fiber network.

Other high-speed options include Frontier, EarthLink, and Xfinity.

Available Internet By ZIP Code:
Underground fiber optic cables

Underground fiber optic cables

North Carolina

AT&T, EarthLink, and Optimum offer the fastest download speeds in North Carolina (5000 Mbps), followed by Windstream, Xfinity, Google Fiber, Spectrum, TDS, Morris Broadband, and ATMC.

North Dakota

North Dakota telephone company offers some of the fastest download speeds via its Fiber-optic connections, followed by Sparklite and CenturyLink Fiber internet.

But T-Mobile’s 5G Home internet is more available, although it provides slower speeds (182 Mbps).


Starlink is still unavailable in Ohio, but you can get HughesNet if you want satellite internet.

However, there are faster, more reliable networks like AT&T & EarthLink (Fiber & DSL) and Spectrum (Cable). With over 90 options, Ohioans have a wide variety.


The Sooner State boasts 377 Mbps average internet speeds, with the fastest internet being in Bethany City (1360 Mbps).

AT&T Fiber provides the fastest internet in the state, followed by EarthLink, EIN, Windstream, and Cox.


Oregon has over 70 internet options, with Xfinity being the fastest and most available provider.

Other options with Gigabit speeds include Spectrum, Ziply Fiber, Astound, Sparklight, and Hunter.


Xfinity is the largest wired connection internet provider in this state and offers speeds of up to 1200 Mbps.

On the other hand, T-Mobile’s 5G Home internet gives the fastest wireless speeds, reaching 182 Mbps.

Verizon, HughesNet, Brightspeed, Astound, and Windstream are also widely available.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the most connected state in the US, with Cox Communications availing its cable internet to 99% of the residents.

Other players include T-Mobile, Verizon, HughesNet, ispMint, and Crown Castle.

South Carolina

With speeds of up to 5 Gbps, AT&T is the fastest ISP in South Carolina. EarthLink provides the same internet speeds but has less coverage.

Spectrum and Xfinity are more available but have a slower cable network (1 Gbps). However, if you want wireless internet, go for T-Mobile 5G Home.

Available Internet By ZIP Code:  An antenna amplifier for home mobile internet

An antenna amplifier for mobile home internet

South Dakota

Like its northern neighbor, T-Mobile 5G Home is more available in this state, but residents have Rise Broadband’s fixed wireless internet option.

Faster wired options include Sparklite, CenturyLink, Midco, and Bluepeak.


The most available ISP in Tennessee is Xfinity, but AT&T offers the fastest speeds. So you might want to compare these two options.

Other significant players are Spectrum, T-Mobile, and EarthLink.


Like in Tennessee, AT&T is the fastest ISP in the Lone Star State. But Spectrum’s cable service is more widely available.

EarthLink also offers super-fast Fiber internet, but T-Mobile might be the best for rural areas.


Starlink covers a significant part of Utah, but satellite internet is not the fastest.

Xfinity offers faster internet using its cable network, with CenturyLink and Quantum Fiber closely behind.


Vermont has over 20 internet providers, but only a few offer Gigabit speeds.

They include Burlington Telecom, Vermont Telephone Company, Green Mountain Access, TDS Telecom, Xfinity, and Spectrum. 


Verizon Fios offers the fastest Gig speeds in Virginia, but Xfinity and T-Mobile are available in more areas.

There are several other Gigabit internet providers, but you might want to check out HughesNet if you live in a remote location.

Available Internet By ZIP Code: Washington

Although Ziply Fiber provides the fastest speeds (6000 Mbps) in the Evergreen State, Xfinity is more widely available and has relatively high ratings.

T-Mobile is not a bad option either, but you’ll get faster speeds from Astound Broadband and CenturyLink.

Available Internet By ZIP Code: West Virginia

Xfinity is still among the largest ISPs in this state and competes with providers like EarthLink, Verizon (5G Home), T-Mobile (5G Home), and Optimum.

Available Internet By ZIP Code: Wisconsin

Spectrum takes the top spot in Wisconsin because it is available to 84% of the residents.

But AT&T and EarthLink’s Fiber internet provides the fastest speeds. Residents of rural areas can also try HughesNet and T-Mobile. 

Available Internet By ZIP Code:  A fiber optic cable in a cutting tool being prepared for splicing

A fiber optic cable in a cutting tool being prepared for splicing

Available Internet By ZIP Code: Wyoming

Starlink is available in Wyoming and competes with providers like Spectrum, T-Mobile, Vistabeam, CenturyLink, and Rise Broadband.

Available Internet By ZIP Code: District of Columbia

DC is not exactly a state, but we’ll include it in this comparison. Verizon, Xfinity, and Astound are the largest providers in the area, but you can also try T-Mobile and Starry internet.


As you can see, there are multiple internet providers across the US, a significant number being regional ISPs.

However, they offer different speeds, terms, and conditions, so compare the available providers in your ZIP code to get the best internet deal. 

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