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 Many drivers swear they’d be lost without a dedicated automotive GPS. After all, you don’t have to worry about a GPS when you suddenly find yourself in an area with no cell service.

Yes, no rude surprises, not to mention how it doesn’t deplete your data, plus your phone stays free for all your other uses.

This article reviews four tried and tested best automobile GPSs, and what to look out for in a GPS. 

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Best Auto GPS Review

Image of an auto GPS

(Caption: Image of an auto GPS)

1. Garmin Drive 52 & Traffic: Best Basic GPS 

This is a relatively cheap and pretty simple GPS. Also, it’s easy to install, set up, and program to your desired locations. But don’t underestimate this GPS, for it has all the necessary navigational features. For example, it has speed warnings, bend alerts, and traffic data updates that can help you avoid any interruptions that stall or delay your travel.

This device lets you connect to a phone to get live traffic data updates. That way, you get the fastest possible alternative route you can use should there be a problem ahead. Also, this GPS has several points of concern and TripAdvisor reviews. 

That said, this Garmin Drive lacks some GPS technology add-on features. For example, the device does not support hands-free calling, voice activation, or WIFI updates.

2. TomTom Go Comfort 6: Best Value

TomTom Go Comfort 6 is among the best and most user-friendly GPS models. First, it has a six-inch screen with an excellent resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, making it crisp and clean. 

Secondly, it’s a dashboard-mounted GPS that can assimilate quite well with your smartphone, a valuable feature in modern times. Also, it allows you to plan your trips on the MyDrive app through your smartphone, which will reflect on the GPS device when you start your car.

Additionally, the device can read out your text messages and has a route-sharing feature where drivers upload scenic routes that one can use to make a journey more adventurous. Further, the GPS updates are purely through a WiFi connection, so you don’t need a computer to see them. 

3. TomTom Rider 550 – Best Auto GPS for Motorbikes

The TomTom Rider 550 has an intelligent screen that’s glove-sensitive. That means it can change between heavy and light glove modes. Also, it has a widescreen display resolution of 480 X 272 Pixels. 

Additionally, this TomTom has voice activation and hands-free calling features. Also, My drive motorcycle route planner to edit and plan your perfect rides. And you can choose your personalized routes and pick the level of steepness and windiness. You can also share your planned adventure with your motorcycle riders through WiFi or Bluetooth.

Further, you get black spot and jam tail warnings, which help you ride more carefully. Your motorcycle sat nav assists you in avoiding abrupt braking and riding too fast on dangerous roads by staying informed so you can ride peacefully.

4. Garmin RV 890 – Best Auto GPS For RVs

The Garmin RV 890 GPS guide has a large eight-inch edge-to-edge display which you can view in landscape or portrait mode. Also, it creates conventional routes to suit the weight and size of your RV. And it gives road warnings for sharp bends and weight limits. 

Remarkably, the TripAdvisor traveler rating makes your journey simple as it has a list of RV parks and services plus information from Ultimate Public Campgrounds and other sources. Also, you can make hands-free calls, receive intelligent alerts, and use voice assistants.

Additionally, with the Garmin RV 890, you can easily share GPX files and access live traffic and weather updates. Further, its built-in WiFi connectivity makes it easy to update your software and maps without using a computer. Moreover, you get real-time fuel price updates. You can also connect this GPS with Garmin’s BC 35 wireless backup camera to help you see what’s behind you. 

Image of GPS maps

(Caption: Image of GPS maps)

Features of a Good Auto GPS

Here are some must-have features to look out for when buying GPS:

Turn-By-Turn Voice Direction

The feature uses text-to-speech technology that lets your GPS device stream voice commands. So, not reading the navigational directions on the GPS display unit can distract a driver. 

Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)

Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) helps the GPS unit to compute locations more precisely within one to two miles. With ground stations and satellites, WAAS provides signal corrections, giving you an accurate position.

Bluetooth Hands-Free

Image of Bluetooth hands-free

(Caption: Image of Bluetooth hands-free)

This feature in a GPS device enables accessible communication with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. You can make and receive calls directly to your GPS by voice command. Always ensure that your cell phone carrier connects to your GPS unit for good performance.

Digital and Flash Card Slots

Image of SD card slot

(Caption: Image of SD card slot)

A suitable GPS device should have Secure Digital (SD) and Compact Flash (CF) card slots. That’s because these slots help add data and any information gathered from the GPS device.

Integrated Traffic review

With this additional feature, one can receive automatic traffic updates. That way, drivers avoid traffic jams, saving time and fuel. Also, the feature provides alternative routes to a destination.

Preloaded Information

Your GPS should have an up-to-date database of all valuable maps and points of interest to function properly. If the information is preloaded, it works immediately, and you don’t need to download the necessary essential programs to your device. 

Automatic Rerouting

This feature allows your GPS to give alternative routing information if your initial choice is inappropriate. For instance, if there’s too much traffic, it will give you a different route.


What GPS Do Most People Use?

Most people use Google Maps as it covers more of the world than any other GPS. Also, Google Maps has a user-friendly user interface that’s easy to use, fast, and reliable with an up-to-date database.

Which Is the Best Portable GPS to Buy?

The best portable GPS has maps stored in the device.

Therefore, there’s no disruption when you travel to a place with no cell services.

Also, besides the must-have features mentioned above, onboard batteries keep running if the power cable malfunctions or detaches.

Thus, you can consider any of the following tried and tested GPS models: 


There are several advantages of using a GPS in your car. And any of the four models mentioned in the above list of best automobile GPSs provide accurate directions with a crisp, clear on-screen display.

Also, you now know what to look for when purchasing an automotive GPS.   

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