Android Turn on GPS Remotely: Everything You Want to Know

We’ve all had moments when we can’t find our lost device, a phone, or a tablet. Everyone runs through the process of retracing their steps and turning over furniture to hunt for the missing device. Then they realize that they need to turn on GPS remotely to find its location. This blog post will show you how your Android turns on GPS remotely.

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Can Android’s Location Tracking Be Activated From Afar?

It is possible to remotely turn on location on Android, allowing the user to locate their device even if it has gone missing. 

Through Find My Device, users can access a wide range of services, such as locating, locking, ringing, or erasing the device. 

To use these features, you must set up a Gmail account on the device. By navigating through Apps > Settings > Google (Google Services), users can enable the ‘Location’ switch, which will turn on their remote location. Furthermore, users can also lock and erase the device remotely from the Security tab. 

It proves incredibly useful in tracking missing devices, providing added security and privacy for those who own an Android smartphone or tablet.

Accessing security and location in Android Settings Menu

Accessing security and location in Android Settings Menu

How to Force Enable My Android Location Services?

One approach is to tap on Settings>Location to turn on the location services.

Also, If you’re using an app like Google Maps, it will ask you to enable location tracking when you open it. It will show your exact spot in real-time and make it easy for you to keep track of your whereabouts. 

One can go to their “Security & Privacy” settings to improve accuracy and activate GPS satellites. It is especially advantageous for activities like running or biking. Also, many fitness tracking applications utilize Global Positioning System technology for route tracking.

Smartphone Navigation

Smartphone Navigation

Can I Track My Android Device Even If I Have Disabled Location Services?

If you have lost your Android phone, the Find, My Device website, connected to Google Play Services, can help you track it down. 

For this feature to work properly, you should enable location services and an internet connection. If you turn off the location services on your mobile device, no one can track you while using it.

Will Turning Off Location Services Prevent My Phone from Being Tracked?

Even if you have disabled location services on your phone, it may still be traceable. Your phone still sends out a signal, and nearby cell tower triangulation may pick it up.

As a result of the information sent by these towers, the carrier may utilize triangulation to approximate your position.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it can tell whether an individual lives in a certain city or area. You may avoid tracking by putting your phone into airplane mode or turning it off entirely.

Cellular Mobile Using Triangulation

Cellular Mobile Using Triangulation

How Can I Tell If My Whereabouts Are Being Monitored?

To protect your whereabouts from tracking, you should always be aware of the security possibilities on your mobile phone.

If you don’t wish to share such information with anyone, you should disable GPS monitoring for peace of mind.

In any case, at any point in time, an individual has access to monitor or track where you are. Resetting passwords and regulating your phone’s settings is a great first step in defending yourself against these attacks. 

You can also use third-party software like Ghostery and Hotspot Shield as preventive measures to detect if someone is tracking through cell phones. This type of monitoring proves itself as most popular among attackers nowadays!

Right Destination with GPS

Right Destination with GPS


Confidence that our loved ones are secure allows us to focus on other matters without worrying about their well-being.

Thankfully, Google’s Find My Device and other apps allow us to remote action activate location tracking on Android and keep tabs on loved ones.

We hope you’ve learned anything useful from this essay. Leave a comment if you have any other questions.

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